On Demand Classes
Introducing YMCA360

We are excited to provide our members with YMCA360: A virtual fitness option offering on-demand, livestream workouts and more. This platform allow you to workout practically anywhere from the Y, your home or while on vacation. Not only do youget fitness classes, but you also get classes for kids! Classes like gymnastics, youth sports, science, music and more. You can access YMCA360 on your phone, on the web, or on your AppleTV or Roku. Best of all its FREE with your membership!

Visit the YMCA360 website


YMCA360 is an on demand video platform for our Y community. YMCA360 offers group exercise classes, youth sports training, wellbeing classes and more for wherever you are. Whether you are at home or on the road, take the Y with you along with your favorite classes and instructors.

Mobile: Download the Countryside YMCA app and tap the YMCA360 tile. You can also download the YMCA360 app: Click the links to download. Apple / Android

Website & Tv Apps: Visit ymca360.org on our computer or device.

To log in click log in/sign up, enter your zip code, choose your Countryside YMCA facility, and enter your email address. Once completed, you will receive an email with a 6 digit passcode, enter passcode to gain access.

Yes, until May 1, 2022 YMCA360 is free for anyone to try! Starting May 2, 2022 it will be a Countryside YMCA member only exclusive.

Learn how to download our app here!

Benefits of YMCA360

Are you considering signing up for YMCA360? Members of all ages love taking classes on the YMCA360 platform. Some of the key benefits of YMCA360 are:

 - Members never have an excuse not to perform exercises or miss a class

 -You can get fit from the comfort of your own home

- Adults and kids have access to programs that they’ll love

- Multiple streaming activities available that go beyond fitness, such as cooking

- Sport streaming options to help sports players hone their skills

-Silver circuit options that are perfect for older members who need a slower pace when exercising

- Yoga options, perfect for anyone who doesn’t have fitness equipment

- Classes are 100% online, and all that you’ll need to get started is an Internet connection

- Members of the Y have access to the YMCA360 for free

- Apps are available for nearly every platform and device

Streaming options at the Y extend your membership so that you can remain active, strong and fit for years to come. You gain access to all of your favorite instructors and classes right through the app.

If you find yourself tired after work and can’t seem to find the time to come to a class at the Y, YMCA360 is perfect for you.