As is always the case in our pools, your safety - and the safety of all our members, program participants, and staff - is our number one priority. Please familiarize yourself with our pool policies, swim test and wristbands so we can all enjoy a safe place at the Y.

Pool Schedules

We have 7 pools (4 indoor and 3 outdoor) for our members to choose from so that there is something for everyone! Make sure to check the pool schedules/hours seasonally as they do change. The Competition and Instructional Pools are currently closed for renovation. Check our Construction/Closure page for renovation updates.

LAP SWIM SCHEDULE Lap swimming is for members ages 13 and over. Members age 6-12, having passed the swim test, can swim laps with a parent as long as they are continuously swimming laps. Read More

Outdoor Pool Lebanon


Open Memorial Day to Labor Day and hosts 3 pools, the infant pool, play pool, and main pool. The main pool includes a diving board, a water slide, and lap swimming (8-lanes, 50-meters). Read More



Indoor Pool Lebanon


Family play pool ranges from 0-5ft and features a water slide, spouts, tumble buckets, an interactive water play station, and a Vortex! The FAC also contains a lap pool.

Due to Renovation of the instructional pool. All swim lessons will be in the FAC Fall I.



Lap Pool


25-yard, 8-lane pool ranging from 3.5-14ft deep is used primarily for water fitness, lap swimming, and competitive swimming. 

Closing for Renovation due to open in September 2023




Stolle Center Pool


For guests age 50 and up. The pool ranges from 3.5-5ft and features an adjacent hot tub. Kickboards, pull buoys, flippers, hand paddles, and a hydraulic assist chair are available. This is a warm-water pool (86-88 degrees)  Read More




Instructional Pool


30' by 50' instructional pool ranges from 2.5-5ft and is used year round for swim lessons. Read More

Closed for Renovation due to open in September 2023




What to Bring with You to the Pool

If you’re headed to the pool, you’ll want to bring a few key items with you. Whether you’re taking just a few laps in the pool or are coming for one of our classes, be sure to bring the following items with you:

  • Swimsuit. A well-fitting swimsuit is a must-have. Parents that are dropping their kids off at the pool should make sure that all swimsuits fit snug.

  • Goggles. A pair of goggles protect the eyes from chlorine and encourages kids to maintain a better technique. Kids just learning to swim will, especially benefit from a pair of goggles.

  • Swim Cap. Anyone – kids and adults – with long hair can wear a swim cap to keep their hair out of their face when swimming.

  • Towels. All members are required to bring their own towels to each lesson.

  • Sunscreen -  Members should bring an SPF 30 or higher sunscreen with them to the pool. At 30 SPF, 97% of the sun’s rays are blocked, stopping you from sunburn. 

Shower supplies, such as soap, shampoo and conditioner, should be packed away in a gym bag if you or your child plans to shower after being in the pool. Of course, you can skip this step if you plan on showering when you return home.

Bringing the right items will make your time at the pool fun and exciting.

Types of Pool Experiences We Offer

At the Y, we have multiple pool options to meet the needs of young and older members. Our pool options include:

- Instructional pool experiences, where an instructor will teach members swimming basics that they can build upon. Classes in these pools are a great opportunity for anyone who doesn’t know how to swim just yet.

- The family aquatic center is an experience for the entire family. Families are welcome in the pool, and kids must be supervised.

- Lap swimming is a great option for anyone who wants to swim, get their heart rate up and accelerate their caloric burn. Lap swimming is meant for members who can swim unsupervised and is not meant for a relaxing time in the pool.

- Open swim pools, where anyone who knows how to swim can take laps in the pool and cool off.

Each pool has its own schedule, which you’ll find above, to help you learn how to swim or stay active. We also have competition pools, which are more intense and help strong swimmers push their limits in competitive situations.

We will provide wristbands for all members, which indicate whether a child needs to be supervised, remain in the shallow end of the pool or where the child can swim, based on our own swim tests.


Benefits of Swimming

If you associate swimming with a relaxing time with friends and family, it can also be a fun activity that helps you stay in shape. Members of the Y are encouraged to come and take a lap in our pools because it’s so beneficial for you.


Swimming offers:

  • - Whole body workout that will help you build muscle and strength while also boosting endurance.
  • - Comfortable, stress-free exercise that can be used by anyone with joint issues, arthritis and other issues to maintain weight, build strength and endurance while not putting stress on their joints.
  • - Mood boost. Swimming, or exercise in general, is shown to improve mood greatly.
  • - Stress management. Anyone with stress will find that swimming greatly relieves stress.

Swimming is easy on the joints and the body. Pregnant women, kids, the elderly and everyone in between can enjoy time in our pools. Bring the whole family along for a swim in the pool and improve your fitness together.

If you haven’t swam in our pools yet, we encourage you to start.


Important Information 

Please take a moment to read our pool policies, swim test and wristbands so that we can all enjoy a safe summer at the pool.