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Monday - Friday 

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Young boy playing with building blocks with a teacher

Countryside YMCA is Warren County, Ohio's largest childcare provider. It is our privilege to offer a safe, nurturing environment for children to learn and grow.

Each Child Care Center offers a range of high-quality, Step Up to Quality star-rated child care and school age programs and services designed to meet the needs of families with children ages 6 weeks through sixth grade.

Our vision for our child care programs is to be the leader in building children of character. Our curriculum is the "Creative Curriculum" which encompasses the core values of the YMCA - caring, honesty, responsibility, respect, and faith.

The Little Miami Learning Center in Maineville, Ohio has been awarded the top recognition of five stars by the Ohio Department of Job and Family services and the Ohio Department of Education’s Step Up to Quality (SUTQ) rating program. Learn more in this press release


Benefits of Maineville Child Care

Child care is more than simply caring for your child when you’re at work. When children are enrolled in one of our Maineville child care centers, they benefit from:

  • - Schedules and routines: Time is a difficult concept to follow as a child. Routines and schedules can help a child get into a structured routine that will help them in school and adult life. Our child care center helps create schedules and routines that offer everything from playing and learning to napping.
  • - Advancement: Statistically, child care has been shown to improve cognitive performance in children in their teens. When you enroll your child in our center, you’ll be happy to know that the support and interaction they receive can help boost their academic performance for years to come.
  • - Confidence: Kids are often unsure of themselves and lack the confidence they need for life success. From social interactions to communication, your child's confidence will grow at our centers so that they never fear raising their hand in class, going in front of the class or asking questions.

If you want your child to have the opportunity of high academic success, child care is something to consider.


Countryside YMCA Maineville Child Care Little Miami Learning Center
Countryside YMCA Maineville Child Care Little Miami Learning Center

Lessons and activities foster each child's curiosity and desire to explore.

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Countryside YMCA Maineville Before and After School Child Care
Countryside YMCA Maineville Before and After School Child Care

Our before and after school program serves kindergarten through fifth graders who are enrolled in the Little Maimi school district.

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Countryside YMCA Maineville Summer Adventure Program
Countryside YMCA Maineville Summer Adventure Program

This school-age summer program provides fun days and field trips at the Maineville location.

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Financial Aid for Childcare

Childcare financial assistance is available to families that meet the income eligibility guidelines. Once approved, the recipient will be responsible for 50-90% of the tuition weekly and YMCA financial aid will fund the remaining 10-50%. This program is also available to families currently enrolled who experience a job loss or other financial hardship. If you receive childcare financial assistance, it will be activated at the time of enrollment.

Eligibility will be reviewed every three to six months.
For more information contact Missy Gilmore at 513 932 1424 ext. 191.