Through a planned donation to the Heritage Club Endowment Program, you will have the distinct ability to benefit the future of the Y.  Donations can be made through your will, as an outright gift, or via a property. Depending on the specifics of your donation, you may also benefit right now by experiencing: 

  • Savings on income tax through charitable deduction for the value of the gift
  • Avoidance of capital gains tax on contributions of certain kinds of property that have increased in value over time
  • Income for life, for a donor and/or other beneficiaries
  • The possibility of increased spendable income 
  • Elimination of federal estate tax on the value of a gift passing to the YMCA upon the donor’s death
  • Reduced estate settlement costs

For more information, fill in this form or call 513 932 1424 ext 115. 

Meet our Heritage Club Members:

Tom Adkins
Victor & Delores Angel
Dr. Michael Bain
Dr. Susan Bain
Judy Bauer
Jessie Baynes*
Steve & Carol Boland
Larry & Hope Bone
Aaron Brafman*
Herschel Bunnell*
Scott & Jenni Brunka
Robert* & Jane Cantoni
Mike & Barb Carroll
Joe & Beth Cesta
Ron & Cathy Chasteen
Roger & Georgie Clark
John Clark*
Scott & Denise Clemmons
Edward Cloughessy
Tony & Janet Collins
Curt & Sheri Cranmer
Rob & Mary Jo* Cropper
Spence & Dana Cropper
Dan & Marge Cunningham
Charles & Sarah* Dilgard
Bill & Marjorie Donovan
Chris & Ray Dooley
Bill* & Barb Erbeck
Dale & Denise Evans
Patsy Evans
John George*
Mike & Karen Geygan
Rob Glover
James & Mary Hankinson*
Don & Ginny Hawke
Bill & MaryEllen Haynes
George & Lois Henkle*
Jack & Alice Henkle
Jim & Mary Ann Hoffman
Dennis & Peggy Hoffman
Mr. & Mrs. H. K. Hollingshead*
Larry & Lynn Hollingshead
Mabel Holt*
Phyllis Holtkamp*
Paul & Cindy Holzschuher
Ron & Cathy Howell
Scott & Theresa Jordan
Don & Gwen Juszczyk
Howard Kamen
Bill & Mary Kaufman
Brad & Dianne Knapp
Randy & Dianne Kronour
George & Mary Alice Leasure
Bill Loebig
James & Nancy Ludwick
Jim & Rita Matz
Jon & Kathy McCann
Roy & Liz McKay
James & Grace McClain*
Dr. Nelson Melampy, MD
Peter & Andrea Michael
Gail Norris
Charlie & Sue Nunn
Jim* & Elaine Peirce
Donald & Sandy Perry
Mike & Jan Peters
Kim & Debra Phillips
Shane & Lindsey Riffle
Paul & Julia Rodenbeck
Patrick & Amy Rose
Robert & Barbara Schoenfeld
Tom* & Norma Simmerman
Dorothy & Ralph J. Stolle*
Kathleen Porter Stolle
Keith & Becky Taylor
Rick & Lindy Taylor
Janet Thomas
Jim & Rosie VanDeGrift
Diane Wilson
Howard* & Grace Wilson
Steve & Jill Wilson
Marvin* & Elaine* Young

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