What is Myzone and how does it work?

Myzone MZ-Switch, the world's first interchangeable heart rate monitor for the gym, outdoors, or in water. Wearable three ways, switch between the chest, wrist and arm, depending on your choice of physical activity. Myzone is an accurate fitness tracker and online social platform that rewards effort for all physical activity, helping more people around the world to feel good about exercise.

Key Features:

- Accurately measures exercise effort

- Displays data on gym equipment

- 3 to 6 month battery life

- Works with many 3rd party apps and devices

- Rewards your effort


Myzone vs Wrist Trackers

Wrist trackers can't record all activity accurately. For example, the wrist doesn't move during a push up, so the 'steps' aren't counted. Burpees, pull ups, lunges, box jumps, cycling, boxing, and yoga are also difficult for wrist trackers. This is where Myzone comes in. The MZ-Switch is the world's first interchangeable exercise tracker for the gym, outdoors or in water. It's wearable three ways: simply switch between the chest belt, wrist strap and arm band, depending on your choice of physical activity. Wrist and arm are best for non-gripping activities such as walking, running, cyclying and swimming (wrist only), but stick to the chest belt for weightlifting, HIIT, and boxing. Myzone also added a new light indicator to the MZ-Switch so you can see which zone you're in without breaking your flow. Wear on your arm to work out phone-free.


"It's the best piece of workout equipment in my fitness toolbox"

I've always loved fitness but have always struggled with challenging myself. After long days of chasing kids around and teaching my own fitness classes I would consider that enough exercise for the day. The MyZone Belt has given me the motivation I have been needing for years to push myself a little harder. I've been incorporating more cardio in my trainings and when I strength train I find myself doing more reps. Watching the amount of MEPs I'm accumulating gives me the  push I need to challenge myself a little harder than I normally would. I can already see an improvement in my stamina and cannot wait to see the physical changes that will follow. It's also very motivational to see your friends working hard using the MyZone belt and encouraging one another through the app. By far the best piece of workout equipment in my fitness toolbox.
-Christy A. Mom of 3, Group fitness instructor


Want more info on MyZone?

Contact Jasmine Lee to learn more information about the Myzone program. jasmine.lee@ymcastaff.org or 513 932 1424 ext 140.