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Directory of Staff & Board of Directors

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Staff can be reached by calling 513 932 1424 followed by the listed extension. We look forward to helping you!
Chris Johnson CEO/President ext 122
Employee Services     
Kirsten ten Brink   Employee Services Director ext 145
Membership and Marketing
Judy Bauer Executive Director, Membership/Marketing/Building Supervisors/Security ext 143
Amy Rose Director, Member Services ext 182
Denise Evans Associate Director, Scholarship & Volunteers ext 170
Robin Trainer Membership Data Specialist ext 187
Jenny Hathaway Corporate Memberships Associate ext 168
Sara Cheeseman Administrative Assistant ext 100
Lori Cook Marketing Specialist ext 125
Gale Kernitz Member Coach ext 185
Cara Ebel Member Coach ext 185
Jane Kuhnell Member Coach ext 185
Elizabeth Doubet Member Coach/Specialist ext 185
Jennifer Shultz Member Coach ext 185
Programs & Landen Location
Zach McCollum Executive Director, Programs & Landen Facility ext 174 or 513 583 5580                   
Jasmine Lee Director, Health and Wellness ext 140
Chuck Wene Director, Cardio Strength Center ext 139
Ryan Martin Director, Sports Programming ext 190
Kim Schwieger Personal Training Coordinator ext 163
Andrea Lipp Soccer/Sports Programs Coordinator  ext 165
Brett Wilson Summit Climbing Wall/Recycling Specialist  ext 198
Erica Leggiero Preschool Administrator 513 583 5580
Nate Brestelli  Director of Camp  ext.116
Jenny Romano Director of Arts and Education  ext. 104
Jaime Spurlock Arts & Education Coordinator ext 226
Jim German Associate Director of Member Services, Landen facility  513 583 5580
Aquatics, Gymnastics, Parties and Rentals
Holly Colón Executive Director, Aquatics & Gymnastics ext 177
Karla Toye Water Fit & Swim Lessons Coordinator ext 152
Nate Brestelli Director, Aquatics ext 116
Peggy Hoffman Director, Gymnastics Center ext 136
Lisa Cummins Birthday Parties/Rentals Coordinator ext 162
Jason Roberts Director, Swim Team ext 117
Building and Grounds, Maintenance, Custodians
Rick Dotson Executive Director, Building & Grounds ext 128
Phil Breeding Maintenance Supervisor ext 128
Rita Scott Night Custodial Supervisor  
Financials & Technology
Renée Lay CFO ext 110
Missy Gilmore Accounting Assistant  ext 191
Laura Stridsberg Accountant ext 133
Beth Capella Payroll manager ext 121
Financial Development & Risk Management
Debra Phillips Executive Director, Financial Development and Risk Management ext 115
Anita Pelletier Financial Development Assistant ext 123
Youth and Family Services
Jenny Poling Executive Director, Youth and Family ext 127
Julie Groh Director, Youth & Family Service/Child Watch Center ext 142
Jeni Vinson Youth Center Coordinator ext 233 or 513 442 8434
Nikki Stokes Director, Children's Center ext 131
Robin Thomas Food Service Manager ext 113
Michelle Fields Clinton-Massie Administrator 937 289 9081
Joe Gilmore Before/After Care Administrator at Donovan ext 235
Carrie Noel

Louisa Wright Elementary Childcare Center Administrator
Summer Adventure Program

513 228 2092 

513 442 9339

Rhonda Jones Little Miami Learning Center Administrator 513 677 3702 
Sandra Hamilton Quality Assurance Coordinator ext 146  Submit prayer requests or request to speak with a chaplain  
Otterbein, Life Enrichment Center & Stolle Center
Sheri Reid Executive Director, Otterbein Life Enrichment Center & Stolle Center 513 696 8590
 Julie Fennessey Coordinator, Stolle Center ext 148
Directory of Countryside YMCA Board of Directors
Ted Ripperger Chairman of the Board  
  Vice Chairman  
Larry Hollingshead  Secretary  
Hope Bone Treasure  
Scott Brunka    
Janet Collins    
Spence Cropper    
David Fornshell    
Bill Haynes    
Becky Hill    
Cathy Howell     
Randy Kronour    
George Leasure    
David Newman    
Chris Romano    
 Eric Meilstrup    
Carol Turner    
Directory of Countryside YMCA Trustees   
Spence Cropper  Chairman   
William Falknor    
Larry Hollingshead    
Mary Kaufman    
George Leasure    
Roy McKay    
Kathleen Stolle    
Stephen Wilson     
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