Young boy painting a ceramic piece We have been inspiring creativity as part of our mission for more than twenty years 

In 1998, the YMCA of the USA formally established arts and humanities as a national program and since then our involvement and programming in the arts has grown immensely. The arts are an important part of developing imagination, critical thinking, communication and social skills. Children who have regular access to digital arts, literature, dance, drama, music and visual arts build 21st century skills faster than children who do not engage regularly in the arts. 

Offering Arts & Education programming fulfills our mission and helps us reach more people in our community, ensuring members have access to a variety of classes, workshops and experiences in the arts. Helping people grow in Spirit, Mind and Body our mission, and the arts programming we provide hits all three pillars of healthy living, social responsibility and youth development. We define the Arts as the expression of spirit, mind and body through the creation of pictures, music, stories, dance and other forms of creative work.

The Y provides a safe place to develop artistic talents and hobbies

Here at Countryside YMCA, we offer classes in cooking, dance, music, pottery, crafting/art and children’s theater. We offer regular Safe Sitter workshops, and well as workshops in pottery and cooking. There’s more to the YMCA than just sports! We believe everyone should have a safe place to develop artistic talents. When you participate in the arts you develop confidence, problem solving, perseverance, focus, nonverbal communication, and collaboration. 

There's room for you in our creative community 

And learning new creative skills with other imaginative people means you are sure to make new friends. As part of a commitment to youth development, the YMCA works to help youth discover new skills and talents through the arts, and provides a welcoming environment where youth can feel comfortable to express themselves. Through our programs, we help young people find their voice, discover talents and strive to reach their potential. 

With our regular multi-week sessions, students have time to really delve into a new or continuing venture. Our instructors have time to work with all students, at various skill levels. Coming back session after session allows for more advanced learning and being able to build on those skills even more.

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Ballet, tap, clogging, and hip-hop dance in Warren County | Countryside YMCA Lebanon, Ohio

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