2018 Annual Report


Since 1978 Countryside YMCA has been an enduring icon of strength and flexibility in Warren County. Everything we do helps strengthen our neighborhood and the people who live here. Much has changed in four decades, and we’ve remained relevant by updating programs to continue meeting needs in our community. Simply put, we’ve been making a positive impact for 40 years and we plan to continue! 




It was in 1971, that our founder, the late Ralph J. Stolle, first saw an unfilled need for a community space built on the mission to put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all. He sought the help of other local business leaders - George Henkle, Charles Hamilton, Ellis Thompson, Neil Armstrong, Marvin Young, Mike Norris– to come up with a solution. Ralph and his group visited 27 YMCAs before opening the doors to Countryside YMCA in 1978. Since then, we have become the largest and most comprehensive YMCA in the country…and even one of the largest in the world.

What began as an eight-lane outdoor pool, has grown into a 230,000-square-foot facility. We offer a long list of activities - swimming, gymnastics, running, cycling, climbing, weight training, fitness, creative arts, sports, summer camp, scenic trails, licensed childcare, the Stolle Center for active seniors and the Motion Zone for active youth.

But this facility – as amazing as it is – would be just another building without our YMCA programs which are designed to meet the needs of this community. As society’s needs have changed over the past four decades, we have continuously evolved in order to better serve our neighborhoods and the people who live here. From preschool outreach to disease prevention programs, from youth sports to swim lessons for those with special needs, from camps to active older adult programs, we’ve adapted to the changing needs and we’ll continue to do so in order to provide the level of quality programs our community wants and deserves.

We are tasked with serving all of Warren County, a huge geographical space housing over 200,000 people. Ten years ago we recognized that in order to serve more of these people we would have to take Countryside YMCA into other locations. In 2007, we opened a small facility in Deerfield Township; in 2013 we partnered with Otterbein Retirement Community and opened a facility in their Life Enrichment Center; in 2016 we purchased a building in Maineville for childcare and other programs. What’s most valuable to us, however, is the fact that we’ve grown from serving 1,214 charter families to currently serving 8,500 families.

There are few opportunities in life when you are asked to share in a project vision that will yield results in your lifetime. Over the years thousands of children, seniors, young adults, and families have benefitted from our enriching and engaging programs. The positive impact that the YMCA mission has had on these lives is impossible to measure, but these endless possibilities for good is what will inspire us to continue to serve our community for generations to come.




Until I participated in the most recent LIVESTRONG® at the YMCA program offered at Countryside YMCA, I had never had the opportunity to experience so many of the benefits of a YMCA membership.

The LIVESTRONG® at the YMCA program is invaluable to those of us facing the many physical and emotional challenges of cancer. Because of the Y and LIVESTRONG® at the YMCA, I have gained strength, endurance, and balance in the past 12 weeks and frequently find that I have more energy in the afternoon than I used to. I am impressed by the friendliness, knowledge, and sense of community shown by the staff and in awe of the facility, variety of classes, and the Stolle Center.

Because I live on a limited income, which often results in foregoing certain activities and expenditures that drain finances, I am applying for a scholarship funds so that I can continue to be part of the Y community and work toward reaching by health and fitness goals.

Member Gigi Woodruff with Member Coach Gail Kernitz


The mission of the YMCA is to put Christian principles into practice that build healthy spirit, mind, and body for all.  “We try to bring that mission to life by identifying the needs of the community and then figuring out what are the ways we can meet those needs,” said CEO Chris Johnson. One area of need is for respite care, and our Blessed Respite program provides a night of free babysitting to families with children who have special needs.

Over the past six years, this program has grown and now serves over 30 families. During that time, there’s been a surge in the number of kinship families. “Kinship is people who have children who are not necessarily theirs. They could be a grandparent, aunt, uncle, brother or sister, and also foster parents,” said Julie Groh, Director of Family and Outreach.  

The Y saw that a new need existed. The Early Childhood Coordination Committee (ECCC) of Warren County helped write a grant to support the YMCA’s respite program.  That grant, along with funding from the YMCA’s Annual Campaign, was used to broaden the support provided by our Blessed Respite night to include children who are currently in kinship care, as well as families who have children with special needs.

“I have always believed that this is by far one of the best events that we offer at the Y. Without this program there would be a lot of families who wouldn’t get to have a date night. A lot of them don’t have family nearby to watch their children, or anyone that they trust to watch their children. So if we weren’t able to continue this program, there would be no place for them to go,” said Groh.


Countryside YMCA staff along with staff from the Early Childhood Coordination Committee show off some of the sensory toys purchased for use at Blessed Respite events.



Countryside YMCA has been a big part of our family for three generations.  I get nostalgic when I remember sitting at the outdoor pool watching as the indoor facility was built. I remember spending much of my youth at the Y playing racquetball with my Dad (even to this day we play on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10 AM), Dad coaching YMCA basketball, exercising in the weight room, swimming and attending school dances to name a few. When I moved away to college Countryside YMCA is what I missed most, after family, because it was a consistent part of our family’s life.  I remember reading the Y’s mission to promote Christian values while building body, mind, and spirit and seeing the picture of Christ above the charter memberships in the main entry (before the renovation). That image is still in my daily prayers, especially when we spend quiet time in the YMCA’s chapel. Countryside YMCA has also been inspiring by demonstrating Christ’s light and love while serving others in our community.  It truly does make a difference, and much of that has to do with Countryside YMCA’s great staff and their clarity of vision started by Mr. Stolle. What a great blessing to have this tremendous facility in our town.  When we have guests come in from out of town, I tell them they have to see our YMCA.  Now I have the great fortune of sharing Countryside YMCA with my boys Luke and Blake! 

 Scott Peach & Family



When you think of the Y, you might first think of exercising or swimming. But the Y offers so much more. As a non-profit organization (503C), our mission is to put Christian principles into practice through programs that help build healthy spirit, mind, and body for all. The money given to our Annual Campaign through individual donations and corporate partnerships is used to provide these outreach programs for our community.


The Early Learners Literacy Program was created to provide free education to children who would normally not be able to afford preschool.  Our goal is to help preschool-aged children develop the skills they need to be successful in Kindergarten. Countryside YMCA provides this free program at LaLuz Community Room and at The Warren County Metropolitan Housing Authority.

The Begin to Swim Program was created as one way to combat drowning statistics of youth. Lifesaving swimming lessons are provided free of charge to all Donovan Elementary School fourth graders as well as to all preschoolers enrolled in The Children's Center. 

The Blessed Respite Program was created for parents with special needs children and for kinship families so that they can enjoy time away knowing their children are being cared for by trained staff and volunteers.

YMCA Camp Countryside Day Camp scholarships are provided to kids who need financial support to enjoy summer camp experiences. 

LIVESTRONG® at the YMCA:  In 2008, the YMCA partnered with the LIVESTRONG® Foundation to help cancer survivors begin the journey toward recovery with the LIVESTRONG at the YMCA program. The program offers adults affected by cancer a safe, supportive environment to participate in physical and social activities focused on strengthening the whole person.

Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) is offered at our Landen location. MOPS is an international organization that encourages and equips moms of young children to realize their potential as mothers, women and leaders, in relationship with Jesus, and in partnership with the local church.

Landen Community Breakfast is offered monthly in partnership with Antioch Church in the YMCA as a way to welcome and connect people who are new to the Deerfield area.

Warm Meal Delivery In association with the Little Miami Food Pantry, we deliver food once a month to individuals or families in the Morrow-Maineville areas who are in need of a warm, healthy meal. 

Nutritional and Educational Support  We help NEST learning center provide nutritional and educational support in low income neighborhoods around Loveland, OH.  We are feeding kids and helping them learn when academic help and food isn’t available at home. 

Financial Assistance is available for memberships, classes, and childcare to those who qualify. We mean it when we say that everyone is welcome at the Y.


Lives Touched by Campaign Funds


La Luz enrollment and East Ridge 


Summer campers helped by financial aid from annual campaign


Child care families helped by financial aid from annual campaign


Landen Preschool Tuition Scholarships


Blessed Respite Care


Yoga for Lebanon High School Freshmen


Begin to Swim


Assisted memberships


Preschool swim lessons






Landen Community Breakfasts (3 events)


Little Miami Food Pantry


Nutritional and Educational Support NEST




As the leading nonprofit for youth development, healthy living and social responsibility, the Y works every day to make sure that everyone, regardless of age, income or background, has the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive. To do our important work, we rely on the volunteers, community leaders, and staff who take an active role in our organization efforts. Their work brings about meaningful, enduring change in our community.

 Full Time Staff


Autumn Adams

Denise Evans

Jasmine Lee 

Rita Scott

Elisa Alvarado

Kelly Ferrara

Savannah Lewis

Stephanie Sizemore

Veronica Andrade

Sheila Gabbard

Laura Luoma 

Caily Stephens

Brenda Arnett

James German

Nicole Magyarosi

Nicole Stokes

Judy Bauer

Jamarcus Gibson

Ryan Martin

Allen Stone

Brett Beatty

Joe Gilmore

Elissa Matthews

Bonnie Stotts

Tiffany Bishop

Melissa Gilmore 

Zach Mccollum

Laura Stridsberg

Phil Breeding

Julia Groh

Victoria Medley

Kristin Supinger

Sharon Bremar

Alora Gumm 

Brittany Miller

MIchele Taylor

Nathan Brestelli

Lisa Hammiel

Diamond Milner

Kirsten Tenbrink

Silke Busch-Metzger

Matthew Harrison

Stephanie Moubray

David Thomas

Sara Campbell

Alexis Hartel

Anne Mulaki

Robin Thomas

Elizabeth Capella

Gary Hartman

Jessica Myers

Amber Tumolac

Sara Cheeseman

Jennifer Hathaway

Carrie Noel

Helen Vickers

Elena Clair

Kimberly Hazelton

Julie Parker

Jeni Vinson

Deborah Clark

Peggy Hoffman

Debra Phillips

Samantha Weiss

 Holly Colon Kathi Jackson Jenny Poling Charles Wene Jr.
 Lisa Creditt Chris Johnson Dawn Preston Amber Wethington
 Benjamin Cuddy Rhonda Jones  Celinda Purkey Nicole Williams
 Alison Dane Melissa Kneer Holly Redmon Brett Wilson
 Greg Daye Lynette Lawson Sheri Reid Michelle Wood
 Jose Diaz Renee Lay Elishia Rice  
 Dena Dieterich   Jason Roberts  
 Richard Dotson   Amy Rose  



Thank you to our dedicated Board of Directors and Trustees for their support and guidance throughout the year.

Board of Directors

Ted Ripperger - Chairman of the Board

Janet Collins - Vice Chairman 

Larry Hollingshead - Secretary

Scott Brunka

Zach Burns

Spence Cropper 

Bill Haynes

Becky Hill

Cathy Howell

Randy Kronour

George Leasure

Eric Meilstrup

Jeff Mitchell

David Newman

Chris Romano

Dr. Matt Reeves

Todd Yohey




Mike Carroll

Spence Cropper

William Falknor

Larry Hollingshead

Mary Kaufman

George Leasure

Roy McKay

Kathleen Stolle

Stephen Wilson





We love kids of all ages and we want them to know that every time they come to the Y. From babies to tweens, toddlers to teens, we offer programs so that all kids would know just how important we think they are.


Young Lives Touched


Summer Campers 

Over 450 children per day participated in Camp throughout the summer.

Winter Campers


Swim Lessons


Swim Team




Gymnastics Team


Youth Sports


Waynesville HS Freshman Gym Classes


Lebanon HS Freshman Gym Classes


Family Program Assistance


Arts and Education


Child Watch


Child Care Enrollment




As one of the world's largest YMCAs we offer members a place where they can swim, lift, cycle, flip, dribble, run, climb, dance, create, and wander outdoors. Some members just come in for their regular class or program, while others find the endless opportunities keep them coming back for more. We support their efforts to use the Y to improve themselves and their lives. 


Healthy Living by the Numbers


Fitness Participants


Personal Training


Wellness Programs


Corporate Wellness


Member Coaching

First Time Appt: 507, Meetings including follow ups: 927

Health and Safety


Adult Sports





Member Participation


Facility Members


Program Members


Staff Members


Total Members


Facility Usage - Lebanon


Facility Usage - Landen


Total Facility Usage





Local Groups We Supported in 2018 

4C’s For Children

Lebanon Area Chamber of Commerce

U.S. Airforce

Abilities First

Lebanon Adult Day Service

Various Local Bible Study Groups

Advance Choice

Lebanon Area Writer’s Group

Visions Matter

American Diabetes Society

Lebanon Christian School Warren County Abuse & Rape Crisis Center

American Heritage Girls

Lebanon City School District

Warren County Arts Council

Antioch Church 

Lebanon Fire Department

Warren County Board of Elections


Lebanon Food Pantry Warren County Children’s Services (WCCS)

Area Progress Council

Lebanon City Schools Warren County Career Center

Atrium Medical Center

Lebanon High School Swim Team Warren County Foundation

Axis Church

Lebanon Kiwanis Club Warren County Parks

Beech Acres Parenting

Lebanon Methodist Church Warren County Quilt Guild

Big Brothers & Big Sisters of Warren County

Lebanon Rotary Warren County Sheriff’s Department

Boy Scouts & Cub Scouts

Lebanon VFW Warren County Technical Rescue Team

Building Blocks for Kids

Lifestyle Housing Workforce One

Camp Lebanon

Little Miami Food Pantry YMCA Stars Basketball

Choices in Community Living

Little Miami Schools  

Church of Latter Day Saints

Little Miami Swim Team  

Community Blood Center

Mary Haven Youth Center  

Community Concepts

Midwestern Children’s Home  

Community Options, Inc.

Mom’s Club of Lebanon  

Coordinated Care Services

Moms In Touch  

Countryside Church of the Nazarene

MOPS (Mom’s of Preschoolers)  

Complete Care Providers

Mothers and Sons Cargiving  

Dayton Urban League

Mothers Making Strides  

Deerfield Township

Mt. Notre Dame Swim Team  

Destiny Church Eastridge


Elves Among Us

Ohio Council On Aging  

Girl Scouts & Daisy Scouts

Otterbein Lebanon  

Girls on the Run, Hamilton Township

Positive Leaps  

Hands Against Hunger

Production Servcies Unlimited  

Help Me Grow

Residential Group Homes, Inc.  

Home for Life

Ronald McDonald House  

Howworth Blood Center

Safe Families Educational Service Center  

Hunger & Woman's Abuse Shelter

Saint Margaret of York  

Interfaith Hospitality Network

Solutions Community Counseling  

Kings Local Food Pantry

Special Olympics  

Kings Local School District

The Nest  

Kings Point Church of God

Total Home Care Solutions  

La Luz

Turtlecreek Township Fire Department  

Landen Church of the Y

US Army  

Leadership Warren County

Urbancrest Baptist Church  




Fundaraising:  Creating Opportunities for Community Growth

We count on the generosity of local businesses, donors, and the community. Whether by sponsoring an event, attending one of our fundraisers, or donating directly to the cause, it's remarkable what the collective effort of all this philanthropy does. The funding allows us to provide programs and opportunities to as many people as possible in our community. Together, we are making an extraordinary impact right here in Warren County.


Major Fundraiser Participants


Golf Outing


Charity Basketball


Healthy Kids Triathlon






Feed Nicarauga





Volunteers: The Lifeblood of our Organization

It’s not just the monetary donations that allow us to do all we do. Those people who are willing to give of their time and talents provide much of the sweat equity behind the scenes of our events and programs. Thank you; you inspire us. 


Volunteer Numbers


Total Annual Volunteers


Total Annual Volunteer Positions


Total Annual Volunteer Hours


Financial Value of Volunteers

*$25.43 an hour

Total Value



*According to the Independent Sector at https://independentsector.org/value-of-volunteer-time-2018/


2018 Donor List


2018 Corporate Donors and Sponsors

Jeff & Lori Alridge

Keith Farr Lebanon Rotary Charles & Ellen Rittgers

Vicki & Keith Amburgy

Sandy & Michael Faulkner 

Jasmine Lee 

Courtney Roberts 

Bob Anderson

Yvonne & Dan Fenner

Tracey Lee 

Jack Robinson

Dawn & Steve Antesberger

Joyce Fernandez

Julia LeFevers

Barbara Robinson

Amanda & Jose Arias

Jessica Fields

Erica Leggiero

Jennifer & Christopher Romano

Keri Arinsmier

Stacey Finnessy

Austin Leverage

Morgan Romano

Myranda Arledge

Theresa & Joe Fisher 

Cole Leverage

Gail Rose

Piper Arneson

James & Sue Flannery

Faith Likins

Paul Rouse

Jeff Aylor

Jim Florio 

Carrie Lintner

Sandra & Darrell Russell

Allison & Craig Baker

Wendy & Ken Floss

Andrea & Jamie Lipp

Nadia Russell

Russell Barger

Steve & Sally Floss

Donna & Shane Lowe

George Sabert

Barbara Barnhill

Emily Fox

Steve & Cindy Lowe

Maya Sanchez

Frank Barosky

Merrill Fromer

Mike Lowry

Brian Sandlin

James & Virginia Bauer

Jenna Furney

Laura Luoma

Stella Savage

Andrea Baumann

Gurunadham G

Roy MacCutcheon

Jasmine Savage

Jami Baumann

Donald & Carol Gaenge

David Maddox

Abigail Saxton

Gloria & Harry Bausmith Patricia & Jim Garrett Rebecca Malone James Schirmer
Bob & Lori Bedinghaus Michael Gentry Amy & Mike Mantei Carmella & David Schlamersdorf
Kenneth Bell George Steel Fabricating Inc.  Alexandra Mantel Roman Schmidt
Alison Benbow Jack German Ryan Martin Sheryl & Richard Schroder
Dink & Etta Bennett Emily Gibson Todd Mascall James Schuchter
Daniel Berger Ashleigh & Matthew Gifford Isabella Matesa Lorie Schur
Cynthia Bieler Diane Gillespie  John Mayhan Patrick Schur
Ryan Bissman Missy & Joe Gilmore  Jonathan McCann Kathryn Shah 
Stacie & Bill Blatchford Haley Gilmour  Stacy McCracken  Rich & Joan Shevchik
Lois Bobbert Bart & Eileen Girdwood  Stephanie McCrory  Katie Shire 
Gymnastics Boosters Girdwood Orthodontics  Haley McCrory  Kyle Short 
Lydia Bothe Chris & Lisa Glanz  Jacob McGowan  Melissa Shrimplin 
Scott & Sherrie Bowers Harry Gleis  Alyssa McKellop  Hurlden Simpkins 
Carrie & David Brackman  Kevin Glennon  Marilyn McMurray  Timothy & Alice Smith 
Jerry & Linda Brainard  Golden Turtle Chocolate Factory  Eric & Kristy Meilstrup  Erin Smith 
Cynthia & Greg Brandenburg  Julie Groh  Hannah Meilstrup  Wanmarie Spangler 
Neal & Barbara Bronson  Carl & Carol Hager  Carol & David Merchant Jaime Spurlock 
Jessica & Jeffrey Brown  Kevin Hall Claire Meyer  Mark & Heidi Stegemiller 
Kristin Brown  Nancy & Russ Halstead  Grant Meyer  Paul & Rosemary Steiner 
Joanne Buchanan  Sarah Hamlin  Linda & Daniel Michael  Susan & John Stevenson 
Larry & Char Buchanan  Lisa & Jonathan Hammiel  Jessica Miller  Dan Steward 
Jennifer & David Bullock  William & Jennifer Hardie  Callie Milton  Jackie & Anthony Stoller 
Lucas Burrows  Angela & Jeff Harner  April & Robert Mitchell  Janella Straw 
Mauricio & Marta Caceres  Heather & Paul Harris  Marilyn & Randall Monroe  Laura Stridsberg 
Theodore Cain  Jena Harris  Mindy & Tony Moore  Jennifer Sutherland 
Sue Cameron  Jennifer & Bill Hathaway  Jenifer Moorhead  Nancy Teismann 
Beth & Jim Capella  Debbie Haynes  Karl Morrell  Kirsten TenBrink 
Sophie Carlin  Patricia Hays  Ronald Mrozek  Chloe TenBrink 
Emilee Carlin  Juli Heemer  Anne Mulaki  Gregg & Cheryl Testerman 
Allyson Carlin  Shaelynn Hegarty  Kyrstin Mulvhill  James Tharp 
David & Arianne Carozza  Kim & William Helmick  Matthew & Mary Murphy  Paula Thomas 
Carol Carraway  Jack Hern  Maria Murphy  Rachel Toler 
Emily Carter  Margaret Hess Bogart  Jil Musser  Karen & Kenneth Tompos 
Jessica & Jason Centers  Linda Hilgeman  Alexa Neely  Robin & Barry Trainer 
Brenda & Rob Chapman  Linda Hilgeman  Nadine Nephew  Kathy & Michael Trunk 
Vicki Charles Becky & Jim Hill  Betsy Newman  Sarah Trunk 
Jamie & Amy Charlton  William Honeycutt  Lana Nicely  Michael Trunk 
Sara Cheeseman  Michael Hopkins  Carrie & Michael Noel  Maggie Tullis 
Diana Clary  Carl & Gardner Horst  James & Donna Norris  Krysti Underwood 
Olivia Clary  William & Lynn Housh Tom Copanas, Overly Hautz Co.  Elizabeth Vasse 
Monica Colbert  Kristie Hoverman  Carlotta & Lloyd Owens  Wesley Vert 
Maya Colbert  Todd & Pamela Hunsche  Gabriella Parra Rodriguez  Jeni Vinson 
Marion & Diane Cole  Anna Buntsbarger  Eric & Linda Partee  AC & Helen Voorhis 
Rebecca & Jason Coleman  Lauren Hurry  Lauren Patterson  Jim & Mindy Voorhis 
Collett Propane  Phyllis Hutchinson  Susan Payne  Zoe Wagner 
Eric & Danielle Collins  Pete Epperson  Carol & Joe Payne  Brian Wallin
Mary Beth Collins  Kathi & John Jackson  Robert Dale & Charlene Peach  Alexandra Warning 
Marcia & Jack Collopy  Tracy & Brian Jacox  Dan & Stacy Peck  Warren County Foundation 
Holly & Rob Colon  Matthew Jacox  Anita & Dennis Pelletier  Chuck Wene 
Lilia Colon  Nicholas Jesson  Carol & Albert Penter  Chuck Wene 
Marjorie & Vicente Colon  Whitney Jett  Leah Perry  Amber & Brad Wethington 
Alyssa Colon  Arthur & Sue Johnsen  Rachel Perry  Eva White 
Scott Colton  Chris & Allison Johnson  Jacob Perry  Dylan Whitt 
Lori & Alex Cook  Rob Johnston  Nena & Jeff Peters  Erin Whittington 
Gary & Linda Crawford  Thomas & Kathryn Jones  Alexis Phillips  Lauren Wilders 
Bob Crockett  Carl Jones  Tracey Pierce  Carlton Wiles 
John & Lisa Cronin  Mary Kaleta  Jenny & Ed Poling  Iona Williams 
Michael & Joan Cummins  Jennifer Kasik  Michael Powell  Nicole Williams 
Paul Cummins  Abigail Kenniv  Vicki Powell  Grace Wilson 
April Curtsinger  William & Gale Kernitz  Premier Health Partners  Dick Wilson 
Sarah Custenborder  Roth Kessler  Karamae Prenger  Kathy Winkler 
John D'Agostino  Analee Kinney  Lisa Prewitt  William Wise 
Allison Dane  Karen & Todd Kinross  Kenneth Davison, Pyramid Video Production  Ben Wissel 
Nathan Day  Glen & Jennifer Kirby  Sarah Quintero  Darian Wolfinbarger 
Brandon Dayton  Kiwanis Club  Edward & Mary Ann Rae  Donald & Karen Wolnik 
Tim & Lisa D'Errico  Paula Klaber  Bob Rahtz  Annemarie & Dan Worobetz 
Gregory Deye  Shannon Klinger  Jillian Raines  Lindsey Worthington 
Lisa Dillon  Kayla Koch   Deborah Ransom  Bernard Wright 
Larry & Joyce Donner  Morgan Koger  Matt & Terrie Redder  Danielle Wright 
Melissa Donovan  Sandra Andrews, Kona Ice of NE Cincinnati  Jessica Reddick  Cheyenne Wylds 
Richard & Darrelene Dotson  Virginia Kuntz  Holly Redmon  Todd Yohey 
Linda & Jerry Douglas  Nelda Lane  Maggie Reeves  James & Connie Yoho 
Kimberly & John Dedrick Downing  Jane Langill Cole  Sheri & Aaron Reid  Christy Yoho 
Wayne Dunn  Esther Larson  Rohn Reminga  Cassandra Young 
Erika Eaton  Juley & Eric Lawson  Erin Renneker  Justin Young 
George & Marian Eatrides  Ariel Lawson  Connie Reynolds  Anna Zeller 
William & Judith Eicher  Alyssa Lawson  Karla & James Rhoads  Kate Zeller 
Pete Epperson  Renee & Stan Lay  Emily Rice  Cynthia & Robert Zimmerman 
Tracy Erwin  G. Mark & Christye Leasure  Jarrod & Lindsay Rich   
Family Dentristry  Lebanon Eagles #1395  Ted & Kelly Ripperger   



Countryside YMCA is an organization that has contributed to the health and well-being of several generations. As Heritage Club Members, these people are helping to extend the organization’s influence to future generations.

Heritage Club Members


Victor & Dolores Angel

Paul & Cynthia Holzschuher

Judy Bauer

Cathy & Ron Howell

Steve & Carol Boland

Don & Gwendolyn Juszczyk

Scott & Jenni Brunka

Mary & William Kaufman

Jane Cantoni

Randy & Dianne Kronour

Mike & Barb Carroll

George & Mary Alice Leasure

Joe & Beth Cesta

Bill Loebig

Catherine & Ronald Chasteen

Roy & Elizabeth McKay

Roger Clark

Gail Norris

Edward Cloughessy

Sandy & Donald Perry

Janet & Tony Collins

Michael & Janice Peters

Spence & Dana Cropper

Debra & Kim Phillips

Denise & Dale Evans

Amy Rose

Don & Ginny Hawke

Robert & Barbara Schoenfeld

Bill & Mary Ellen Haynes

Kathleen Stolle 

Jack & Alice Henkle

James & Rosalie VanDeGrift 

James & Mary Ann Hoffman

Jill & Stephen Wilson 



Our mission is to put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind, and body for all.

Countryside YMCA - one of the world’s largest YMCAs - is a nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening the Warren County community through youth development, healthy living and social responsibility. For 40 years, Countryside YMCA has embodied the Christian principles that help people achieve a balance of spirit, mind and body. We work hard every day to ensure that all are welcome to experience the unmatched facilities, outreach, and varied programs available only at the Y.