The start of the school year season will be August 28th. We will continue to run our recurring monthly registration format through the end of May. Once registered, your automatic monthly payment will occur on the 1st of every month. If your athlete advances in class levels, the coach will notify parents and the gymnastics office for transferring. You can register your child Here or by visiting the front desk.

Please note: We require notification by the 20th of the month to end automatic payments if your child withdraws from class. To withdraw, please click Here.

Program Registration Q&A


A: Absolutely not. The way our progressive programs work, children are grouped by and taught to their ability. Program participants are used to seeing new faces, and program staff will welcome them warmly.

A: Sure! We are always happy to accommodate transfers as long as there is availability in the program where you are transferring. Just call or stop in the Gymnastics Center office to review class availability.

A: Absolutely! Coaches will notify parents if the athlete needs to move to a different level. Gymnastics staff will contact you with class transfer availability/options.

A: You can attend for the length of time that works for you, two months or ten. You will need to provide written notice by filling out the withdrawl form here by the 20th of the month to not be drafted in the coming month. For example, if you cancel by April 20th you won't be charged May 1st.

When registering for the gymnastics and ninja programs you will start right away. We will prorate and offer make up classes as needed but there will not be a way to sign up in advance for future months until after the 25th of the current month.

Gymnasts in a line wearing medals
Gymnastics training provides an excellent foundation in physical fitness, emphasizing the development of strength, flexibility, coordination, and sharpened motor skills while also learning the fundamentals of movement through gymnastics. All gymnasts will grow at their own pace with encouragement and positive reinforcement from YMCA's experienced teaching staff. Besides gymnastic skills, gymnasts in the YMCA program gain self-esteem and confidence, better listening skills, attention to detail, and friendship. Our YMCA gymnastics program has many class and competitive team offerings. Choose what works with your family's schedule and your child's skill level.


Please complete this request for more information about our YMCA gymnastics program, and we'll get back to you soon!