Gymnastics training provides an excellent foundation in physical fitness emphasizing the development of strength, flexibility, coordination and sharpened motor skills while also learning the fundamentals of movement through gymnastics. All gymnasts will grow at their individual pace with encouragement and positive reinforcement from YMCA  experienced teaching staff. Besides gymnastic skills, gymnasts in the YMCA program gain self-esteem and confidence, better listening skills, attention to detail and friendship. Our YMCA gymnastics program has many class and competitive team offerings. Choose what works with your family's schedule and the skill level of your child.

Gymnastics Classes offered this summer!

We are offering limited gymnastics classes starting June 22 and things will look a little different as we phase back into programming!  Find out what we are doing in the gym to keep your family healthy as gymnastics reopens at Countryside YMCA! 

We are offering virtual Parent-child and Preschool classes for our little gymnasts 6 years old and younger. Go here for information about the Parent-Child  class and here for information about Preschool. 

For ages 7+, we are offering semi-private lessons in place of our traditional recreational classes. With groups of 1-3 participants, your child will get to focus on their individualized goals while keeping exposure to a minimum. Go here for more information. 

What to Expect When You Return to Gymnastics 

  • Gym capacity limit: 24 participants, ages 7+, no more than 6 per event

  • All participants and staff must wash hands upon entering the gymnastics facility

  • All participants will be given designated stations to work at and will be instructed when to move onto another station, maintaining required 6 foot distancing guideline for all participants

  • The drinking fountain is currently disabled. Please have your participant bring a filled water bottle (water only, not Gatorade, powerade, etc in the gym.) Water bottle must have a tight seal (no cups with lid/straw)

  • Communal chalk bins have been removed. Chalk may be purchased at $3 per block for individual use.

  • Cubbies are closed. 6ft floor markers will be on the east side of the gym for participants to place their belongings

  • Viewing area is closed. Per USAG requirements to allow viewing for parents, up to 1 adult per participant may be in the gym (standing room only). You are asked to remain at your participant’s floor marker and not engage with your child during the lesson

  • No spotting, stunting, or engaging in other activities that require close contact

  • Instructors will have masks and single-use gloves readily available if they need to come within the 6 foot distancing requirement for participant’s safety or to respond to an emergency

  • Please no lingering before or after your scheduled gym time

  • Mat/equipment sharing will be limited

  • Participants and instructors will use hand sanitizer before and after each event

  • Vinyl equipment/mats that have been used will be sanitized after each group completes their lesson

  • Leather and wood equipment will be sanitized 1-3x daily with a disinfectant fogger/mist

  • The foam pit will be off limits (Exception: using a vinyl mat placed on top of the pit for soft landings. The mat must be sanitized after use)

  • The single bathroom in the gym will be available for use and sanitized at minimum every 2 hours

Gymnastic Offerings

Please complete this request for more information about our YMCA gymnastics program and we'll get back to you soon!