How personal training can help you reach your fitness goals

A personal trainer might be the answer if you're looking to get in shape. Personal trainers can help you reach your fitness goals much faster than if you try to go it alone.

Here's how our trainers can help you reach your fitness goals:

  • Expertise: Personal trainers are experts in the art of fitness. They've spent years studying exercise and learned more than just how to stretch and lift weights. Personal trainers know how to create workout regimens tailored to your goals and body type.

  • Motivation: A trainer can be a great source of inspiration. They'll coach you through your workouts, ensuring you stay focused and motivated. In addition, personal trainers are there to push you when you feel like giving up and to celebrate with you when you've reached your goals.

  • Build Muscle and Lose Weight: A personal trainer can also help you build the muscles you never even knew you had and help you lose weight and keep it off. All Countryside YMCA  personal trainers are certified and have undergone training in nutrition and exercise. They know how to find the best foods for your body and how to help you build lean muscle mass.

When you hire a personal trainer, they're with you every step. They'll help you set realistic goals and give you the tools to achieve them. Best of all, they'll teach you how to build healthy habits and keep a positive attitude.

Purchase a personal training package

Consider our training packages if you are interested in personal training and coaching to help you set and meet your specific goals to live healthier. Our one-on-one training and education mean you get customized workouts with a qualified and certified personal trainer. Purchase your training package, then schedule an appointment at our Lebanon location by calling Chuck Wene at 513 932 1424 ext 139 or Kim Schwieger at 513 932 1424 ext. 163. For personal training at Landen, call Jason Williams at 513 583 5580. In addition to personal training, we also have group training, water fit personal training, and you can add nutrition counseling!    


Experience: 13 years

I have worked at the Countryside YMCA for 4 or 5 years. I became a trainer because I’m very interested in people’s health as well as mine. I get to see people advance in life in all kinds of different ways, especially with their health. I really don’t like watching someone struggle physically. I try to keep them going and help them understand that “motion is lotion.” I also like explaining the theory behind what we are doing so they can fully understand what it is doing for them and why it works. I have competed in AAU Amateur Athletic Union and National Physique Committee bodybuilding contests. I am also a Vietnam veteran (Marines).

Certifications (IFPA): Personal Training, Flexibility, Cardio & Strength Ball/Band Training

Areas of Focus: Rehabilitation, Cardio, Strength, Flexibility

Personal Interests: Walking, Spending time with my grandchildren, Reading


Experience: 7 years

I grew up in a family that was big into overall health, fitness, and adventure! That led me to be adventurous and to always have goals to be fit and healthy. My mom always loved taking adventures! My dad was highly involved in weight-lifting and boxing; he was actually a personal trainer for women’s powerlifting championships. I started lifting weights with a friend in high school and have never really stopped! I began working at Countryside YMCA when I was 19 years old and taught fitness classes when I was in college. I left Countryside to pursue a career in healthcare, and then I came back as a personal trainer in 2018. I love being able to be a part of someone’s journey to wellness, strength, and/or weight loss. It’s awesome to help my clients push forward to achieve goals and to see their self-discipline, joy, and confidence grow.

It’s been great working with Beth. She comes to each session in high spirits! She’s ready to work and is always determined to meet her goals!

Fitness Certifications: Ace Personal Training, Group Fitness

Areas of Focus: Strength, Weight Loss

Personal Interests: I have a passion for outdoor adventures including hiking, backpacking, and kayaking. In May 2024, I am hiking the Grand Canyon’s rim-to-rim trail! My ultimate goal is to hike the full Appalachian Trail. You can follow all of my adventures @odysseyawaits on Facebook.


Experience: 11 years

I grew up a YMCA kid and my love for fitness began right here at Countryside! It was while swimming competitively for the Y’s swim team (go Torpedoes!) in my youth that I became interested in strength training as a way to improve in the pool. Like so many, I had a goal but wasn’t knowledgeable of the gym and was unsure where to start. Because of a wonderful coach and mentor taking the time to guide and encourage me on my initial lifting journey, I not only grew in weight room knowledge and confidence but discovered a passion I knew I wanted to pursue: helping others navigate the intimidating world of fitness.

After my swim team days, I made this passion a fundamental part of my life. With a bachelor’s degree in athletic training and a master’s in kinesiology, as well as a deep love for sports medicine, I understand the importance of good information, planning, and achievable goals. I strive to use all three with every client I coach, whether their endgame is weight loss or athletic-based. There is truly no prouder moment for me than watching my client accomplish a goal or lift a weight they never believed they could! I am honored to walk alongside my clients on their health and fitness journeys to becoming the best versions of themselves.

I have worked at Countryside for nine years, and while personal training is a large part of my job, I also oversee our MyZone heart rate training program, corporate fitness, employee wellness, and two of our annual events, Applefest 5k/10k/15k and the Indoor Triathlon. I love that every day looks a little different, while still immersed in health and fitness.

Throughout my life, fitness has been crucial to both my mental and physical health; it is so much more than just going to the gym and doing repetitions—it’s gaining the skill set and knowledge to show up for yourself in an intentional way. That’s one of the greatest gifts you could ever give yourself. While it may be challenging, it doesn’t need to be daunting. You'll also gain a wonderful community to support you along the way!

Over the last four years of working with Chloe, I have watched her grow tremendously. She began exercising as something she needed to do, and it’s grown into a passion for fitness and health. It’s something she wants to do! There is a moment with each client when that lightbulb goes off and everything clicks... I was fortunate enough to be beside her in her journey when that moment happened. I am very proud of Chloe and her strength gains, accomplished goals, and even her newfound love of burpees!

Fitness Certifications: Certified Athletic Trainer, PN Level 1 Certified Nutrition Coach, ACE Personal Training, ACE Group Fitness Instructor, Livestrong at the YMCA Instructor, Precor Queenax

Personal Interests: Weight lifting, traveling, music, being outdoors in nature, spending time with friends and family


Experience: 20 years

I have worked at Countryside YMCA for 32 years, starting in the Nautilus Room (for those of you that remember that) then becoming the FitLinxx Coordinator. I have been doing Personal Training for the last 20 years and I'm currently the Personal Training Coordinator. I have enjoyed working with many individuals over the years and have especially enjoyed the friendships that have developed. I like to get people out of their comfort zone and show them that they CAN do things they never thought they could. I also like to introduced clients to different ways to work while using a variety of equipment. I am a 3-time Ironman finisher and have done many triathlons and duathlons. My husband and I have put in tens of thousands of miles on our bikes and are avid hikers. I also enjoy CrossFit and some trail running.

Certifications: ACE Personal Training, TRX

Areas of Focus: Although I train a wide variety of people, I like to help those coming out of rehab/injury and seniors. It's rewarding to me to see those recovering from an injury get stronger and back to what they were doing before.

Personal Interests: In my free time, I enjoy hiking, biking, CrossFit and music. I actually have a BA in Music Education! I love tractor pulls and spending time with our granddaughters.


Experience: 11 years

Growing up in the '90s, my mom would often work out to exercise VHS tapes. One of my earliest memories is of my sister and me crawling underneath her as she was attempting some downward dog move. We were not members of any health club or gym, but just about every day my mom would put in one of those tapes or go on a jog. That truly set the foundation for prioritizing health and fitness in my life. I have used exercise and running as an outlet for the everyday stressors I encountered in high school, college, and today. I qualified for the Boston Marathon in college and ran it in 2010. Beyond that, I have run and won numerous ultramarathon trail races. I have also competed and placed in National Physique Committee competitions. I want to help others look and feel their best. It is such a good feeling to set a goal and then reach it, and I want people to know what it’s like.

Certifications: ACE Personal Training, ACE Group Fitness, ACE Youth Fitness, Precor Queenax

Specialty: Personal Training, Group Fitness (Cardio Core on Tuesday/Friday at 5:15 am), Running Training/Programs

Personal Interests: Bodybuilding, Backpacking, Ultramarathons


Experience: 23 years

My personal training journey began at just 12 years old. My parents got divorced and within a year of living with my grandparents, I hit 210 pounds. Unhappy with how I looked, I tried working out at home. I wanted to look like the bodybuilders and pro wrestlers I saw on TV. I spent a year starving myself and working out sometimes 4 hours a day just to lose 50 pounds and feel sickly. One day, a trip to the Goodwill book section changed everything. I stumbled upon the book Heavy Duty by Mike Mentzer, bodybuilding champion. It was different than anything I had read about exercise up to that point–he told readers to work out harder and less often. The book contained recommended routines, how to perform each exercise, and info on the proper diet to support training. My aunt knew a chiropractor that owned a gym and he let me come lift for free. Now 15, I was only working out 3 hours per week and I gained over 30 pounds in 6 months. I started getting compliments and people started asking questions about my physique. Around this time, the chiropractor asked me if I had considered a career in personal training. I hadn’t heard of that before, but I liked the idea of doing what I love. At 17, I bought the course work for my first personal training certification. In my time as a trainer, I have worked with people of all age groups. I’ve trained athletes, musicians, competitive bodybuilders, and many others in my 20+ years as a trainer. I have been working for the Countryside YMCA for 3 years.

Certifications: ACE Certified Personal Trainer, SMART Certified Personal Trainer

Areas of Focus: Bodybuilding, Strength Training, Proper Exercise Form

Personal Interests: Bodybuilding, Professional Wrestling, Cooking


Experience 12 years

Growing up, I had pretty bad childhood asthma. I had to take breathing treatments just to make it through gym class. It got slightly better as I grew up, so I was able to do cheerleading in high school, yet I still couldn’t do the “mile run” in gym class. At 19, I lost my dad due to diabetic complications. I watched my dad fight for his life and saw first-hand how important diet and exercise is to having a good quality of life. I was working full-time and in college, but I started going to the gym and taking group fitness classes in my free time. I was instantly hooked! When I got pregnant with my first child, I was terrified I’d have to stop working out. However, my doctor actually encouraged I continue! I worked out almost every single day and it definitely helped with my recovery. To this day, I haven’t stopped! I realized the importance of health and fitness and wanted to share my love of it with others. I joined the Countryside YMCA when I moved to Cincinnati and fell in love with the group fitness classes and members. I was asked to take over teaching the classes I was in and quickly agreed. I’ve been here almost 10 years now and absolutely love it! I’ve since gotten certified in personal training and even more group fitness areas. I absolutely LOVE sharing my love and knowledge of fitness with others. I have made some lifelong friends through fitness and love helping others achieve their goals while having fun!

Certifications: Personal Training, Group Fitness, Turbokick

Specialties: Group Fitness (TRX, Cardio Mix, Muscle Max, KidFit in the summer), Personal Training, Obstacle Course Racing

Personal Interests: Anything outdoors with my family, Chasing waterfalls, Dog, Volunteering for many different things, Hiking, Church


Experience: 12 years

I have been in the sport and fitness industry from a young age. I played soccer, basketball, and ran track. My dad was a champion athlete in swimming and gymnastics, so he taught me a lot. As a personal trainer and fitness instructor, my job is very rewarding; there is nothing more fulfilling that using your passion to help others. I love sharing my knowledge of fitness, pushing my clients to get stronger, and helping them to reach their goals- all while making a positive difference in their lives.

Certifications: Personal Training, Spinning, Group Fitness, TRX

Personal Interests: Traveling, Hiking, Learning, Reading, Spending time with my family

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