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Youth Sports - Classes/Clinics

Sport classes engage youth in healthy actives by introducing them to the fundamentals of a specific sport in a friendly, non-competitive environment.  Youth will develop confidence, sportsmanship and respect for self and others by participating in these recreational classes.  Questions?  Contact Andrea Lipp.


  • Archery. The Archery class provides children the opportunity to participate in an activity that promotes concentration and self-control but also includes the excitement of shooting sports and the thrill of competition. What makes HisPins different is the addition of spiritual life lessons and being part of a fun family. The class is taught by USA Archery Certified instructors. Questions? Contact Andrea Lipp.


  • Preschool Basketball.  For ages 3-5 is a uniquely designed class structured around learning the basics of basketball. This class is designed to develop teamwork, independence and basketball skills in a non-competitive setting including passing, dribbling and shooting.  New games are introduced each week to create a FUN environment. Questions?  Contact Andrea Lipp.
  • Wee Basketball. Students ages 5 to 7 learn the game of basketball in this six-week program. Participants learn passing, pivoting, rebounding and defense skills. Questions?  Contact Andrea Lipp.


  • Climbing Wall .  Trained staff available to help kids develop body coordination and confidence through climbing. Questions?  Contact Andrea Lipp.
    • Climb 101. Basic belay and safety course for ages 5+. Questions?  Contact Andrea Lipp.
    • Climb To Fitness.  Kids ages 4-12 develop endurance and strength through climbing. Questions?  Contact Andrea Lipp.
    • Climb to Fitness Advanced. Kids ages 9+ develop endurance and strength through climbing. Questions?  Contact Andrea Lipp.
    • Intro To Climbing Preschool. Kids ages 4-6 develop body coordination through fun activities involving climbing. Questions?  Contact Andrea Lipp.
    • Intro To Climbimg School Age. Kids ages 6-8 develop body coordination through fun activities involving climbing. Questions?  Contact Andrea Lipp.
    • Climbing Kids. For age 3-5. Kids develop body coordination through fun activities involving climbing. Questions? Contact Andrea Lipp.
    • Climbing Kids for Homeschool. For ages 6-17. Kids develop body coordination through fun activities involving climbing. Questions? Contact Andrea Lipp.


  • Fencing Beginner/Intermediate.  Designed for beginners and experienced fencers aged 13 and up, this class teaches basic moves of this international competitive sport. Equipment provided. Questions? Contact Andrea Lipp.


  • Golf-Youth Group Lessons. Group lessons with development of fundamentals of the game. Instructor PGA member Pam Rothermund. Lessons run Spring II through Fall I, held at Southwest Golf.
  • Start Smart Golf. Developed by the National Association of Youth Sports, this parent/child program introduces children ages 4 to 7 to the game of golf. Instruction provided by PGA golfer Pam Rothermund.Questions?  Contact Andrea Lipp.

Martial Arts

  • No Nonsense Self Defense.  For ages 9 -99 with an emphasis for Teens and Preteens but all ages welcome. No nonsense self-defense teaches how to react and evade dangerous situations without years of training by using simple effective techniques taken from Tai Chi, Aikido and street fighters. Instructor Dr. Larry C. Bobbert. No equipment or uniform required. Questions?  Contact Andrea Lipp.
  • Tae Kwon Do - Beginner and Advanced. Students aged 5 to adult learn a Korean-style martial art in a family-oriented program. Emphasis is placed on overall self improvement, self control and discipline as well as physical fitness, self defense, balance, flexibility and strength. Instructors from the I.K. Kim Tae Kwon Do Centers teach the class. Questions?  Contact Andrea Lipp.
  • Tai Chi for Health. Tai Chi is the most popular exercise on earth because its health benefits and defense training make Tai Chi good for people of all ages. Mayo Clinic and Harvard Medical say it “can prevent and ease many ills of aging” and could be “the perfect activity for the rest of your life”. Questions?  Contact Andrea Lipp.


  • All About Sports. Ages 3-4 and 4-5. This program gives children who are just starting group interactions, the opportunity to experience multiple sports and activities. This will include fun skills and games related to the sport/activity of the week. Focus of the class is to teach good listening habits, basic skills and develop coordination. Classes available for parent/child, beginner, and advanced. Questions?  Contact Andrea Lipp.


  • Soccer Classes
    • Little Dribblers. Participants aged 2-3 develop social and motor skills in a non-competitive parent/child program. Questions?  Contact Andrea Lipp.
    • Tiny Tots. Participants aged 3-4 develop team work, independence and soccer skills in a non-competitive setting. Through play children learn passing, trapping, dribbling and shooting. Questions?  Contact Andrea Lipp.
    • Futsal/Soccer Skills. Ages 6-12.  This program will consist of weekly lessons emphasizing ball control, technical skill and developmental training to enhance individual futsal/soccer skills. This program will provide fundamental exercises, drills, and games in order to increase confidence and enhance foot skills. Questions?  Contact Andrea Lipp.

Soccer balls provided for these programs. Shin guards not required for these age groups. Tennis shoes only -- cleats may not be worn on our portable turf. Soccer leagues also available to youth ages 4-8. Learn more.

Sports Training

  • Speed and Agility Training with Wayne McKain. Training for athletes aged 6-11 and 12-17 teach balance and core strength using agility ladder, medicine ball drills, sprints, parachute running, jump rope and plyometrics.  Wayne McKain is a former professional soccer player of the Trinidad and Tobago National Team from there he traveled to Europe to play in the German First Division. Questions?  Contact Andrea Lipp.


  • Quickstart Tennis. Indoor Class for ages 5-10 teaches tennis by utilizing specialized equipment, shorter court dimensions and modified scoring. Questions?  Contact Andrea Lipp.
  • Tennis - Youth Group Lessons. Group lessons with development of fundamentals of the game. Questions?  Contact Andrea Lipp.


  • Girls Volleyball Clinic.  Clinic for ages 6-12 helps participants improve their game and have fun learning the fundamentals. Clinic instructed by Karen Miranda, former Division I setter at Illinois State University. Clinic is divided into two programs by age 6-8 and 9-12. Clinic runs Fall II through Winter II. Questions?  Contact Andrea Lipp.
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