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Gymnastics Movement Education for Infants and Toddlers

Wee Wigglers.  This 30-minute parent/child class allows infants/toddlers to explore their environment and, in the process, learn to problem solve, take “safe” risks and establish a sense of independence. Increased dexterity and strength allow them to learn and perform more advanced physical skills through exploration of fun, colorful gym equipment. Ages 13-19 months.

Toddler Time.  This 30 minute parent/child class allows toddlers to develop a greater understanding of “self” and experience feelings of independence! They are ready to learn problem solving and perform on their own through group activities. Toddlers can explore and observe with a focus on locomotor skills, jumping off raised platforms onto their feet and creative movement challenges. Ages 20-30 months.

Mats Rats.   This 45-minute parent/child class is an introduction to basic tumbling skills, spotting techniques for parents, and vocabulary. Children will build strength, spatial awareness, balance, overall body coordination and self confidence.  Ages 24-36 months. 

Adapted Movement Education. This class is designed to meet the needs of those who would have difficulty participating in a class for typical children. Class incorporates gross motor and fine motor, balance and coordination activities. 


For all gymnastics programs, please wear leotard or elastic waist shorts with t-shirt (no zippers, belts, buckles, skirts or jeans shorts).

Questions?  Contact Peggy Hoffman 
 513 932 1424 ext 136

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