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Sign Up for Programs/Classes

Search and register for classes online


  • System is not case sensitive, but lower case seems to work the best
  • For most programs, in order to log in you must be an ACTIVE member to register (full membership or program memberships must be purchased in person)
  • Full members receive priority for registration and may register starting at 7:00am on registration start date (usually on the Monday during the last week of a session).
  • Program members may register starting at 8:30am 2 days after full members (usually on the Wednesday during the last week of a session).
  • You log in as one of the ADULT on the membership (all your family members will show up as a list to choose who you wish to sign up)
  • Your first name must match what is in our database (If you had us put in Angie in the system when you became a member, you cannot use Angela to log in)
  • Your default password is your initials plus a 6-digit birthday together (Angie Arnold with birthday 11/01/71, password would be: AA110171)


  • Keep it simple.  It is best to only fill in one of the blanks.  If you fill in more than 1, it may not return any results.  
  • We suggest entering the first 5 digits or all of the class # in the "Program Code" fill-in blank (example:  Class # is 05054-A, type in: 05054)
  • If you do not know the #, try typing most of the class name in the "Description" fill-in blank (example:  Class name is Tumbleweeds, type in: tumblewee)


  • Once you have found the class you would like to choose, click the box to put a check mark, then scroll to the bottom and click the "CLICK HERE AFTER SELECTING PROGRAM(S)" button to add to your cart.
  • You may choose to check out at this point or click MY FAMILY and select the next person for the next class selection
  • If no box appears, you cannot register for the class.  This could be for a few reasons:
    • FREE classes do not require registration, it will say DISPLAY ONLY
    • Classes requiring a signed waiver with registration will say DISPLAY ONLY - you must register at the front desk
    • If your child is not in the age range listed, you will need to contact that department - it will not allow you to register online
    • Registration date is not open yet
    • The class may be full, however it will allow you to check to be on a WAIT LIST


Search and register for classes online

If you have any problems during registration call 513 932 1424.


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