12 Weeks to a Healthier Lifestyle

Emily McNamaraThis program is led by Certified Nutritionist Emily McNamara. Begins Monday, September 18th.

What is this program designed to do?

  • - Energize you and get you ready to take on your to-do list
  • - Motivate you to sweat it out at Countryside YMCA l Lebanon
  • - Create a stronger and more confident well-being
  • - Allow you to eat healthy without feeling hungry, tired or deprived

What you get:

  • - Easy prep resources
  • - Pantry and grocery lists
  • - Content emailed each week
  • - Daily accountability via voxer
  • - Weekly zoom calls with live Q&A
  • - Healthier substitutions to your favorite foods


"I hate diets and love food. So let’s cut to the chase…how about education and accountability on simple, small changes to build healthier lifestyles? I’m here to help you find just one thing a day tailored to your body type so you can have more energy, maintain your ideal weight, and just love life - tacos and pizza and all!" - Emily McNamara, Certified Nutritionist

Emily's YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@firstsmallchange/featured

If you just start now, you'll be 12 weeks ahead of where you would have been...