Learning a second (or third!) language early is a great idea! The Y generally offers German and Spanish, with an additional preschool class. 

Take a beginner course with an emphasis on spoken and written German. The curriculum engages various learners (oral, visual, and physical). This excellent beginner course teaches vocabulary and sentence structure to communicate in everyday German in a liberal arts learning environment. Private lessons are 30 minutes, one time per week, for the duration of the session.

Learn Spanish through fun games, activities, and songs with a native Spanish-speaking instructor. Meet new friends and learn about a different culture and way of life. Spanish is not offered this fall, but contact the Arts and Education office for upcoming offerings. 

Please get in touch with the Arts & Education office at 513-932-1424 ext 226 to schedule. 

Need help with an ongoing sewing project? Want to get started on a new pattern or try a sewing technique you have never seen before? Private sewing lessons with our experienced instructor can help! Ms. Nancy can help get you through a tough sewing spot or teach younger students how to work their first sewing machines.

Being prepared for an emergency is the most effective way to reduce the risk of injury and possibly death. Countryside YMCA offers certified health and safety courses designed to teach you how to respond effectively in an emergency.

Learn more about Health & Safety Classes at Countryside YMCA