The Outdoor Pool is closed.  

We don't know what summer 2021 will bring, but when we reopen the outdoor pool next summer, we know we will follow any safety standards set by the state of Ohio to ensure that our pools meet the highest standards for hygiene and safety, and to ensure that our staff are trained and ready to serve you. Please familiarize yourself with our pool policies  before joining us at the outdoor pool so that we can all enjoy a safe place at the Y.

When can you use the outdoor pool?

Recreational swim at the outdoor pool and outdoor play pool will open on Memorial Day weekend, weather permitting, with limited capacity to members only. Check the outdoor pool schedule here. 

How many people will be allowed at the outdoor pool? 

We will observe a 325 member limit at our outdoor pool in order to comply with the Governor's Responsible RestartOhio guidance to provide 6' of distance between participants. This will be managed at check-in at the outdoor pool entrance.  It is possible you will have a wait to enter.  We are encouraging members to limit their visit to 2 hours or less to allow more access for fellow members.

Who can use the outdoor pool?

Now’s a great time to be a member of the Y because we are giving members priority to use our outdoor pool! To help maintain safe social distancing, we are asking families to stay together. You are responsible for maintaining safe social distancing for you and your household both in the water, in the Pavilion, on the pool deck and in the grassy areas.  

  • Infants to children under 3 are certainly welcome to come and enjoy the outdoor pool and the outdoor play pool with their families.The Outdoor Baby Pool will be closed until further notice.

  • Children under age 5 must have an adult 18 years or older in the water within arms reach and actively involved in the supervision of the child.

  • Children between the ages of 6 and 15 years old must have an adult 18 years old or older providing supervision at the outdoor pool.

  • Members Age 16 + are welcome!

  • Lap Swimming is available to our members ages 16 years and older. Swimmers between 13 and 15 years may swim laps with a supervising parent as long as they are continuously swimming laps.

  • Age requirement guidelines will be reevaluated on a weekly basis with the goal of adding additional programs and spaces for children as we are able to do so with proper distancing and disinfecting guidelines.

What will be available at the outdoor pool

  • Lap swimming, recreational swim, the outdoor play pool, the water slide and the diving board will all be open.

  • Deck chairs will available, placed at 6' distances.  Please do not move the deck chairs.  You are responsible for maintaining safe social distancing for you and your household both in the water, in the Pavilion, on the pool deck and in the grassy areas.

  • You are welcome to bring your own deck chair or blanket to the Outdoor Pool.  Please maintain social distancing when choosing your spot on the pool deck or in the grassy area.

  • Restrooms will be open, but showers are not available. 

What will not be available at the outdoor pool

  • Showers are not available, but restrooms are open. 

  • The outdoor baby pool will be closed.

  • We are sorry the snack shack will not be open this summer.  Feel free to bring snacks and drinks to the pool.  Absolutely no glass containers, alcohol or tobacco use of any kind is permitted.  The picnic tables in the Pool Pavilion are available for use. 

  • Water fountains are closed. 

New procedures for the outdoor pool

Access to the Outdoor Pool will be from the Outdoor Pool entrance only.  Access to the main facility is through the North Entrance Only. The exit doors from the Wet Hall are closed and cannot be used to enter or exit the building (except for an emergency).

Please park in the Outdoor Pool Parking lot and use the sidewalk identified as “enter only.”  The sidewalk has been labeled with social distancing markers for your use when standing in line to scan your membership card.

Please have each member of your family’s membership card ready to scan.  All youth ages 6 – 12 years old will scan their card at the “Kids Scan” scanner for age verification and swim wristband.

The Outdoor Pool Entrance is a one-way entrance.  To exit the Outdoor Pool area, please leave via the Pool Pavilion gate marked “Exit Only”. 

Please arrive at the facility in your swimsuit ready to swim. The Outdoor Pool changing rooms are available for restrooms and changing.  The showers are not available at this time.  We have created a one-way traffic pattern in and out of the changing rooms.  When using the changing rooms, please enter through the East doors to the restrooms.  Exit the changing rooms through the door nearest the card check station.

We have updated our pool policies, and will be enforcing all pool policies including dress code, safety and supervision, and swim tests. 

Bring your own goggles and nose clips. Sharing personal items like these is discouraged for sanitary reasons.

Standard procedures for while you are at the Y

We don’t expect you to wear a mask while you are in the pool, but for the health of others we encourage you to wear one if you are out of the pool and when you are interacting with staff. We encourage you to wear a mask as you check-in to the outdoor pool, exit the outdoor pool area, and in the restrooms.Personal masks must meet the dress code defined in the member handbook. They must be family friendly and should not have inappropriate content such as language or imagery that is vulgar, sexually explicit or otherwise offensive.  Management may enforce these standards at its discretion by asking members to remove any items considered to be inappropriate. 

Wash your hands or use our sanitizing stations often. Restrooms are open, and sanitizing stations will also be available.

Follow physical distancing.  You are responsible for maintaining safe social distancing for you and your household both in the water, in the Pavilion, on the pool deck and in the grassy areas.

Still have questions about our re-opening?

If you can't find what you need in the information on this page, email membership@ymcastaff.organd we'll get back to you soon!