As is always the case in our pools, your safety - and the safety of all our members, program participants, and staff - is our number one priority. Please read our revised pool policies so that we can all enjoy a safe place at the Y.


Pool Schedules

January 18 the Family Aquatic Center will open at 4:00pm.

Competition Pool

Instructional Pool

Open Swim

Family Aquatic Center

Lap Swim

Stolle Center Pool Schedule

What to Bring with You to the Pool

If you’re headed to the pool, you’ll want to bring a few key items with you. Whether you’re taking just a few laps in the pool or are coming for one of our classes, be sure to bring the following items with you:

  • Swimsuit. A well-fitting swimsuit is a must-have. Parents that are dropping their kids off at the pool should make sure that all swimsuits fit snug.

  • Goggles. A pair of goggles protect the eyes from chlorine and encourages kids to maintain a better technique. Kids just learning to swim will, especially benefit from a pair of goggles.

  • Swim Cap. Anyone – kids and adults – with long hair can wear a swim cap to keep their hair out of their face when swimming.

  • Towels. All members are required to bring their own towels to each lesson.

  • Sunscreen

Shower supplies, such as soap, shampoo and conditioner, should be packed away in a gym bag if you or your child plans to shower after being in the pool. Of course, you can skip this step if you plan on showering when you return home.

Bringing the right items will make your time at the pool fun and exciting.

Important Information 

Please take a moment to read our pool policies so that we can all enjoy a safe summer at the pool.