YMCA member Terri Curtis feels truly blessed by her YMCA experience following bilateral knee replacement surgery. Learn how she progressed from walking on the indoor track to participating in water fit classes in just one year.

YMCA member smiling


Three years ago I had bilateral knee surgery, with both of my knees replaced.  After recuperating and physical therapy I had the honor and gift to be a member of the Countryside YMCA.  I cannot tell you what this wonderful, spiritual, happy place has done for me.  I started out on the indoor track which simply amazed me with its beauty.  As I started to take my first journey on this beautiful track, I couldn't believe I was experiencing this.  I was overwhelmed with gratitude.  I saw beautiful artwork everywhere.  I felt a sense of peace and acceptance, over the months my knees were strengthening nicely.  

Then it was Memorial Day, and I had my eye on the outdoor pool!  I was a little timid walking in, being such a big crowd! I was amazed at the happy activities around me.  Children forming a line by the pool.  Lifeguards with happy confident faces.  Parents with little ones happily playing with their children.  I watched as brave ones dived and jumped off the diving boards.  It was my turn to be brave.  So I discretely took my time to get in the pool, and when I did I felt like a new person.  Totally rejuvenated!  My knees loved it. 

I became friends with the lifeguards and many other people at the outdoor pool.  I spent the whole summer there, and by the end we had all became family.

The summer ended and I went to the family aquatics pool.  I had the pleasure of meeting Cindy who suggested I go to the Competition Pool and get a lane.  I put my brave face on and did just that!  And when I opened those glass doors and walked in it was a whole new positive, compassionate, considerate, happy, healthy, loving and kind new place I was in.  I soon found out I wanted to be a part of this liquid cardio group and it was here that I formed deep, happy, healthy relationships that I will treasure forever.

Thank you Laura, Karla, Pauko, Barbie, Bill, Gail,...  I could go on forever with names! But then I just look up to the sky and say, "Thank you God for letting me be a part of the Countryside YMCA."