Member Mark Miller recently sang the praises of Member Coach Elizabeth Doubet and Personal Trainer Butch Doud.

YMCA member smiling


I had the good fortune of having a corporate discount for a YMCA membership and was looking for ways to continue to build upon the progress I made the previous summer in losing 85 pounds of fat. Me being me, I had a lot of questions and the front desk pointed me in the direction of member coaching. I had an appointment with Elizabeth and we hit it off right away. We worked on a plan, and off I went. I decided personal weight training was the way to go and that is when I met Butch.

Butch is the man! He is strong, smart and detail oriented, but also kind and able to relate to anyone and everyone. I can’t tell you how many people stop to say hello or seek a second of his time as we move around the Cardio Strength Center. I feel honored that he has agreed to train me.

I have a plan with him and I enjoy our workouts (although, as he says, I do sometimes ‘hate’ him for a few minutes after a particularly challenging session). But that is EXPECTED.

Everyone I’ve met at the Y has been great. I give the YMCA my highest recommendation.


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