Member Lonny Burger credits the Countryside YMCA staff for helping complete his recovery after suffering a cycling injury several years ago.

YMCA member dress for a bike ride.


Avid riders know that the more miles they cycle, the greater their statistical chances are for a bad crash.

June 29, 2013 was a beautiful Saturday for a 40-plus mile group ride with the Cincinnati Cycling Club.  Twenty-five of us were cycling down a country road at around 20mph, near the end of the ride, when the rider ahead of me moved left, her rear tire grabbing my front tire.  Think of one airline from the 1970s: great flight, lousy landing. My femur snapped cleanly from the trochanter. I was another cycling statistic.

Giving due credit to the brilliant orthopedic surgeon who pinned my hip back together and the occupational and physical therapists who worked with me (or more accurately worked me) from a wheelchair to a walker to a cane, the lion's share of the credit for my complete recovery goes to the Countryside YMCA Cardio Strength Center(CSC) staff. Sometimes they pushed, sometimes they pulled, always they encouraged. Ninety-one days after the accident, I was back on the bike, completing a 30 mile ride in just over 2 hours. The CSC staff has my unending gratitude for guiding my complete and rapid recovery.”

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