YMCA member Eric Huddleson recently shared his experience with our Member Coach Elizabeth Doubet and how she, along with a team of Y staffers have helped him on his journey back to health.


YMCA member Eric Huddleson "I joined the Y in November of 2018. I had no clue what I was doing, I didn’t know how to workout. I made an appointment with a member coach to help me figure out a game plan. Elizabeth took her time with me, and tried really hard to get to my game plan goal. I told her how I have MS, sciatica and had back surgery for my degenerative disc. I also told her of the classes I had planned such as Get Bendy Stretchy class with Rich, Diana, and Connie, Water Aerobics with Karla and Barre with Jennet. A huge thank you to all of those instructors! Then Elizabeth showed me the circuit room and explained the benefits of using it. Elizabeth took her time with me and made sure I understood everything. I had a doctor's appointment in February and guess what, he took me off my blood pressure pill! He was amazed by my quick turn around. When I come in to the Y, I am greeted with a smile by all the workers. I also get help from other people working out. I live by the motto: "Accept, adapt and overcome." The Y has helped me achieve my goals."

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