YMCA member Aileen Whitley achieved her goal of increased strength and stamina. Plus, she made new friends in her exercise class.

YMCA member smiling I came to the Y a year ago for health reasons. I had COPD and asthma and undetermined inflammation affecting my stamina. I was fatigued all the time I was just sitting on the couch all day. My Doctor told me to “get mobile.”

Member coaching really started me on the right path. Gale’s guidance put me into a plan that I could actually fulfill. She helped me to build up my stamina and cardio endurance a little at time with plenty of rest in between. I use the nu-step and treadmill for my cardio strength.   At the beginning I was worn out just walking from the car to the Y, but my stamina has measurable increased. I come 3 days a week to do my exercises in the Starter Fitness room, and then I rest before the Sit and Tone class.

My favorite thing about doing the Sit and Tone class is that it’s like a family.  The instructors and members care about you and ask where you’ve been when you miss. At home I’d get distracted after 5 or 10 min of exercise, but with my friends here the 30 min classes goes by quickly.  I’ve gained tone and strength in this class. The friendships have grown here as we laugh and connect with each other both in and outside of the class.

3 nights a week I go Landen at night with husband. I mainly walk on the treadmill and use the nu-step.  Besides being able to walk longer, I know my stamina has increased because I can add a little incline on the treadmill.

Gale also suggested I meet with a dietician. This was also very helpful as I learned which foods fill me up and provide energy without a lot of calories. 

I’m grateful for the Y because it’s very hard to do exercises at home by myself, and walking on our hilly streets is difficult with my health conditions. Following my plan this last year has really given me energy and strength to enjoy all activities with my family and friends.

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