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Countryside YMCA is a mission based organization that believes everyone should have access to all the great programs and the Y. But membership is also a privilege, and when we all follow the guidelines we can all enjoy the Y's facilities and programs safely. 

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Countryside YMCA Covid Guidelines

On December 2, 2020, the CDC released updated quarantine guidelines for persons exposed to someone testing positive for COVID-19.  Currently, the WCHD is still recommending 14 days of quarantine.  However, schools, businesses etc. now have the option of utilizing either the 10 days quarantine or test based return options.  

Based on the Warren County Health Districts recommendation for exposed persons, Countryside YMCA will administer the following quarantine protocols:

Countryside YMCA Staff, members, and participants 

During the COVID investigation, Risk Management will assign and communicate dates for both 14 days and 10 days quarantine periods.  Exposed persons may choose one of the following:

  1. Exposed persons may choose the assigned 14 days quarantine period which requires no testing and no symptom monitoring.
  2. Exposed persons may choose the assigned 10 days quarantine period which does not require testing as long has he/she remains symptom free. The 10 days quarantine period requires the exposed person to monitor and log daily temperature and symptoms for the dates assigned for the 14 days quarantine period. 

Requirements for choosing 10 days quarantine without testing

a)   Testing – While not required, the exposed person should consider obtaining a viral test near the end of the 10 days quarantine period (day eight or later) to increase certainty that there is no infection. Regardless of the test result, the person must complete 10 full days of quarantine.

b)   Daily symptom monitoring – The exposed person in quarantine must monitor and record their temperature and symptoms twice daily for the dates assigned for the assigned 14 days quarantine period. Risk Management will provide the exposed person with a temperature/symptoms log. The exposed person may or may not be required to submit the daily temperature/symptoms log prior to returning to the YMCA.

c)    Returning to the YMCA - The exposed person may return to the YMCA on day #11 providing he/she has

o   Completed 10 days quarantine

o   Remains symptom free

o   Has monitored and recorded daily temperature and symptoms

d)   Post exposure days #11 - #14, the exposed person must continue to monitor and record their temperature and symptoms twice daily for the assigned 14 days quarantine period.  In addition, the exposed person must wear a mask, stay at least 6 feet from others, wash their hands, avoid crowds, and take other steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19.   

e)   If symptoms appear at any time during the dates assigned for the 10 days quarantine period, the exposed person must immediately self-isolate, report their symptoms, get tested and report their test results to the Department Specific Leadership.