Reciprocal members are now welcome at Countryside YMCA!

At the Y, we are for youth development, healthy living and social responsibility. We are dedicated to ensuring our facilities, programs and services are open and welcoming to all. In normal times Nationwide Membership gives YMCA members access to the YMCA facilities across the United States that participate in the program. Members can use the Y wherever they are as often as they like, making it easier to achieve their health and wellness goals.Y-USA has put the Nationwide Membership program on hold through the pandemic, but we have opted to welcome reciprocal members back now and we are excited to announce that as of November 2, reciprocal members are now able to come back to Countryside YMCA! 


Nationwide Membership enables you to visit any participating YMCA in the United States through membership at your “home” YMCA (your home Y is the local association that enrolled you as a member and collects your membership dues). We offer this because we want to help you reach your health and wellness goals wherever you live, work or travel. This is an essential part of our mission to strengthen communities.

We understand that sometimes it is more convenient for members to take advantage of a Y near their workplace or when they are traveling outside the area of their home Y. With Nationwide Membership, members have the flexibility to use participating Y facilities throughout the United States at no extra charge.

  • Nationwide Membership is valid for active, full facility YMCA members whose home 
  • Y participates without restriction or blackout periods 
  • Nationwide member visitors must use their home Y at least 50% of the time
  • Program-only participants (including Silver Sneakers, Silver and Fit or other like programs) are not eligible for nationwide membership
  • Special memberships established by any Y for group homes, other agencies, etc., are not eligible
  • When visiting a Y, nationwide members will be required to show a valid YMCA membership card and photo ID as well as provide basic membership data such as name and email address
  • Members will need to sign a universal liability waiver and privacy policy
  • Ys should allow nationwide members access to services typically offered to full-facility members. Check with the Y for schedule and availability. Nationwide members visiting other Ys for a period greater than 28 days must transfer membership affiliation for continued use
  • All Ys reserve the right to restrict or revoke these privileges
  • Registered sex offenders are prohibited from participating


  • Reciprocal Memberships are welcome to use the Outdoor Pool starting at 1:00pm everyday (Monday-Saturday: 1:00pm-8:30pm, Sunday: 1:00pm-5:45pm). Please be aware of our weather rules:
    • Air temperature must be a minimum of 70°F
    • Water temperature must be a minimum of 75°F
    • Skies without thunder/lightning within the last 30 minutes
    • Pool must be visible, no heavy fog
  • Our reciprocal locations include Countryside YMCA | Lebanon and Countryside YMCA | Landen.
  • Countryside YMCA is currently not part of the SilverSneakers program. Our location cannot accept SilverSneakers memberships.
  • Youth memberships will not be accepted at Countryside YMCA without a paying adult.
  • Visiting members are very welcome to use our facility; however, they may not bring non-member guests.
  • Child Watch is limited to 2 hours per day and we require members stay on the premises.
  • We have several types of locker rooms at Countryside YMCA. The men's & women's locker rooms are for those 18 and older only. We have family, girls and boys locker rooms for those with children and separate locker rooms in our Stolle Center for ages 50 and over.
  • On your first visit to Countryside YMCA, we request that you come inside to one of our service desks with your YMCA membership card and photo ID to complete a standard membership application form and liability waiver.
  • Each time your visit Countryside YMCA, you must show your active YMCA ID card and a photo ID. Please do NOT scan your membership card in the Quick Scan line. Instead, please use our Alternative Check In. We must input your information by hand for check in. (Our Countryside YMCA scanners are not linked to the other YMCAs.)
  • Those using our swimming pools with children ages 0-5 will need to be in the water with the child(ren) within arms length at all times. Children ages 6-12 will receive a yellow wrist band and must stay in shallow water areas unless they are 45 inches tall and pass the deep water swim test. Swim test will be given at each visit.

We are excited to announce that as of November 2, reciprocal members are now able to come back to Countryside YMCA! 

Y-USA has put the Nationwide Membership program on hold through the pandemic, but we have opted to welcome reciprocal members back now. 


At the Y, we believe that positive, lasting personal and social change can only come about when we all work together to invest in our kids, our health and our neighbors. This strengthening of community—and the realization of a Y’s full potential—is best done when all Ys are open to all members.