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Countryside YMCA | Landen offers fitness classes taught by certified and experienced instructors. All classes will be held in an onsite studio specifically designed for group fitness classes.

November Class Schedule

  • FLEX CARD: Your pass to all of our specialty fitness classes. Each class has limited space so arrive early. No pre-registration required.
    • 5 class punch card: Members $20, Program Members $41.
    • 20 class punch card: Members $74, Program Members $158.
  • ABS & GLUTES (Ages13+): 30 minutes of exercise targeting only the glutes and core. FREE for Members.
  • ARCHERY (Ages 9-16): Equipment provided. Cost is $40 per Member, $52 per Program Member per 5 week session.
  • BARRE CORE (Ages 13+): Barre Core will use ballet inspired isometric movements, Pilates and functional training elements to sculpt, strengthen, slim and stretch your entire body. Class will focus more specifically on a strong core, improved balance, increased flexibility and done regularly will achieve rapid results. Class will work muscles to fatigue. Class is high energy and low impact modification for every age and level. Members and Program Members FLEX Card: 1 punch per class.
  • BIBLE STUDY (Ages 13+): “If you are ready to naturally create room for spiritual conversations to happen in your everyday life, join us for reading, discussing and discovering God’s word.” FREE
  • BOOT CAMP (Ages 13+): Incorporates traditional boot camp training, drills and intervals. FREE for Members.
  • CARDIO CORE (Ages 13+): Use the stability ball to tone and strengthen the whole body. Increase core strength for better balance and stability. Added cardio will strengthen heart and lungs, and burn more calories. For the advanced or intense exerciser. FREE for Members.
  • CARDIO MIX ( Ages 13+): Enjoy a mix of different types of cardio workouts. You will experience pieces of Cardio Kick, Power Core, Low Impact Cardio and more! A different class each week! FREE for Members.
  • CYCLE SPIN (Ages 13+): Improve cardiovascular endurance and strength by varying intensity levels. Intervals designed by increasing or decreasing tension and speed. Members and Program Members FLEX Card: 1 punch per class.
  • HIT BARRE (Ages 13+): Get ready to sweat, feel the burn and tone your body from head to toe. HIT (High Intensity Training) Barre uses isometric strength training with the barre and mat work + upbeat energetic music, mixed in cardio sequences. Class designed to keep your heart rate high, muscles burning and metabolism boosted well after your workout had finished. Members and Program Members FLEX Card: 1 punch per class.
  • INTERVALS (Ages 13+): Cardio and strength interval training in a group fitness setting. FREE for Members.
  • KID FIT (Ages 3-6): Start getting fit at an early age! Experience interactive games set to music that will keep your child moving! FREE for Members.
  • KIDS CARDIO CLUB (Ages 7-12): While Mom and Dad workout, participate in fun games and activities that will get you moving! Be sure to bring a water bottle. FREE for Members.
  • MASSAGE THERAPY: Massage therapy has many benefits that include tissue regeneration, increase in joint flexibility, improved circulation and more. Massage Therapy available by appointment only.
    • NEW HOT STONE THERAPY 1hr: $80 Members, $129 Program Members;
    • DEEP TISSUE 1hr: $71 Members, $114 Program Members
    • RELAXATION 1 hr: $69 Members, $101 Program Members; RELAXATION 30 minute $37 Members, $70 Program Members.
    • Packages are available. See the front desk for details.
  • MUSCLE MAX (Ages 13+): Great class for anybody who wants to add strength training to their aerobic workout. You will tone and condition every muscle. Muscle Max is a great starting point to develop strength and confidence. Great music and compelling choreography keep you going through each class. FREE for Members.
  • PERSONAL TRAINING (Ages 12+): Personal Training is a great way to get in shape. Each training session will challenge your mind and body. You will truly see the potential that resides within yourself. Incorporating strength, flexibility and muscle confusion, your body will have no choice but to react. Talk to one of our certified personal trainers, or at the front desk, and get started today! You will be glad you did.
  • PIYO: This class offers high calorie burning with low impact. You’ll sculpt and shape your whole body with Pilates, Yoga and movements. Members and Program Members FLEX CARD: 1 punch per class. Class will be offered starting in March
  • PRESCHOOL ENRICHMENT YMCA LANDEN: We use the Creative Curriculum with weekly individual lesson plans and assessments. We also have low teacher to child ratios. Our Certified Teacher provides a structured environment that provides kindergarten readiness and self-help skills to our students. Program follows Kings School District schedule. We offer both AM and PM sessions. Each session will last approximately 2 1/2 hours. AM session is from 9:15AM till 11:45AM and PM session is from 12:15PM till 2:45PM. There is a $58 non-refundable registration fee. Cost: 4-5 year old= M, W, F $152.00/month. 3 year old= T, TH, $110.00/month (No Summer Preschool Classes).
  • POWER CORE (Ages 13+): Effectively tone, strengthen, and stretch the whole body using the Resist-A-Ball (large rubber ball). FREE for Members.
  • RENEW YOU (Ages 18+): A faith based group fitness class designed specifically for women looking to experience the renewal of their mind, body and spirit. This unique class will empower you, transform your thoughts and your health, and build your confidence. FREE for Members.
  • SELF DEFENSE (Ages 10-15): Instructed by Dr. Larry Bobbert, No Nonsense Self Defense teaches kids how to react and evade dangerous situations without years of training by using simple effective techniques taken from Tai Chi, Aikido and street fighting. No special uniform or equipment is needed. Cost is $26 per Member, $37 per Program Member per 5 week session.
  • TABATA (Ages 13+): 30 minute class consisting of short, high intensity exercise intervals with short rest times in between. FREE for Members.
  • TAI CHI (Ages 13+): Tai Chi is a system of gentle exercises that improve balance, coordination and breathing which renews and invigorates the body, mind and spirit. Doctors described Tai Chi as medication in motion because it loosens and strengthen muscles, tendons and joints. People any age can practice Tai Chi, It is especially healthy for people over 35. You learn a system for physical and mental self-development. The smooth movements massage the organs, improve blood circulation and promote diaphragmatic breathing. Cost is $26 per Member, $37 per Program Member per 5 week session.
  • TOTAL BODY BARRE (Ages 13+): Reclaim and hour for yourself to refresh your body, mind and spirit! Work up a sweat as you listen to uplifting music, strengthen your core and build strong, toned muscles. Class will combine barre and yoga to focus on specific areas of your body for the ultimate toning and strengthening. Finish out each session with deep stretching and a short relaxation. Members and Program Members FLEX CARD: 1 punch per class.
  • TRX SUSPENSION TRAINING (Ages 13+): Use your own body weight and gravity to build strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, core and joint stability. This class is for all fitness levels. Members and Program Members FLEX CARD: 2 punches per class; Lunch TRX 1 punch per class. *STARTING 3/21/16 Members and Program Members FLEX CARD: 1 punch per class.
  • VERSA TRAINING (Ages 16+): Personal Training in a small group setting. Versa Training is not your everyday barbell and dumbbell training session. Each training session will incorporate a unique variety of strength and flexibility exercises that will utilize your own body weight or a partner for resistance. 16 sessions: $285 per Member.
  • YOGA BASICS (Ages 13+): Beginner Level class that puts focus on core strength, flexibility and relaxation. This is a great class for those who have never taken, or are new to Yoga. Also helps with body awareness and reducing stress and tension. Members and Program Members FLEX CARD: 2 punches per class.
  • YOGA (Ages 13+): Mixed level class that will focus on core strength, flexibility and relaxation. This class also helps with body awareness and reducing stress and tension. Members and Program Members FLEX CARD: 2 punches per class.
  • YOGA HOT OR WARM (Ages 13+): We will practice several types of Yoga in our Spirit Studio Warm Yoga will be heated between 75- 80 degrees, and HOT Yoga will be heated between 95-105 degrees. The heat will warm your muscles for greater flexibility. Benefits of both Hot & Warm Yoga are to improve efficiency of the immune system, burn upwards of 600-1,000 calories per session, improve circulation, increase flexibility and improve endurance. Don't forget to drink plenty of water throughout the day before attending class! Members and Program Members FLEX CARD: 2 punches per class.
  • ZUMBA (Ages 13+): Dance routines featuring aerobic interval training with fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt. Includes fun, energizing music that makes you want to get-up and move! All fitness levels are welcome. Members FREE and Program Members FLEX CARD: 1 punch per class.

*Class types and schedules are subject to change*

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