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Aquatic Policies

New Pool Policies flyer


  1. We ask that participants wear only regulation swimsuits in our pools. We do not allow shorts, cut-offs or T-shirts. For those needing to wear a T-shirt, please wear white or light colored shirts only.
  2. Aqua shoes and water exercise shoes are permitted in the water. Street shoes are not permitted.
  3. The use of SCUBA equipment is prohibited except for YMCA instructed classes (i.e., mask, fins, snorkel, regulator). 
  4. Please wear shoes and a cover-up when traveling between all pools.


Aquatic safety is a partnership between great parental supervision and preventative life guarding.
RED BRACELET (children ages 0-5 years)
Must wear a red bracelet while using any of the swimming pools. The red bracelet indicates the child is under age 6, is a non-swimmer, and must have a parent or other responsible adult within arms reach at all times.
YELLOW BRACELET (children ages 6-12 years)
Who are not 45 inches tall and either have not passed the swim test or do not wish to take the swim test must wear a yellow bracelet. Youth wearing a yellow bracelet will be restricted to shallow water unless accompanied by a parent or other responsible adult who remains within arms reach.
GREEN BRACELET (children ages 6-12 years)
Who are 45 inches tall and have passed the swim test must wear a green bracelet while using the pods.


0-5 years A parent or other responsible adult (16 years or older) must be in a swimming suit, IN THE WATER and within arms reach of the child.
6-8 years A parent or other responsible adult (16 years or older) must be present in the pool area.


  1. A lifeguard must be on duty at all times. The lifeguard is the sole authority of the pool and is responsible for the safety of all in the pool area.
  2. Children under the age of 6 must have an adult for supervision IN THE WATER at all times and should remain within arms reach of the child.
  3. Shallow water can create a false sense of security. Parents, please be responsible for your young children and accompany them into the pool.
  4. Please be aware of young children playing in the shallow waters. Roughhousing may cause injuries.
  5. Flotation devices are not permitted. Children needing swimming aids may use a U.S.Coast Guard Approved Lifejacket only. Parents must remain in the water at all times regardless of the child’s age. You may bring your own U.S.Coast Guard Approved Lifejacket to the pools.
  6. Showers are expected before entering the water to assist us in keeping our pools clean and healthy.
  7. Diving is not permitted anywhere in our pools where the water is less than 9 feet deep. Please observe no diving signs.
  8. Please walk at all times.
  9. Toys are welcome at our pools, however, inflatable toys, hard rubber or plastic torpedoes and hard plastic dive sticks are not.
  10. All non-swimmers and those in street clothes must remain seated in the seats provided.
  11. Please keep all ladders and pool exit doors clear of congestion.
  12. Smoking, food, beverages and gum are not permitted in the pool area. Glass containers are prohibited as stated in the Ohio State Health Code.
  13. Please do not hang on the safety lines.
  14. Please do not use masks or snorkels unless you are currently certified in SCUBA or skin diving. You may be asked to present your certification card to the lifeguard. Non-certified ADULTS wishing to use a mask or snorkel may do so providing they can demonstrate how to properly clear both mask and snorkel.


  1. A lifeguard will supervise activities in the deep water, Vortex, waterslide and diving boards.
  2. You must be at least 6 years old, 45 inches tall and have passed the swimming test in order to use deepwater, Vortex, waterslide and/or diving boards. Once a swimmer has passed the swim test they will receive a deep water sticker to place on the back of their membership card. Swimmers having a sticker on their membership card will be given a bracelet prior to enter the water. Deep water stickers expire annually. Please see the lifeguard for assistance.


  1. Lap swimming is for adults and teens ages 12 years and older.
  2. Youth lap swimmers ages 6-11 years may swim laps with an adult as long as they are continuously swimming laps. Please do not allow youth to play in the lap lanes.
  3. Flippers, kickboards, pull-bouys and hand paddles are for lap swimming only.
  4. Lap swimming is continuous, rest only at ends of lane. You may be asked to share lanes.
  5. Starting blocks are used for competitive swimming. They are not for use during open or lap swim.

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