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Sports - Classes

  • Fencing. Designed for beginners and experienced fencers aged 13 and up, this class teaches basic moves of this international competitive sport. Equipment provided.
  • Golf. Golfers learn fundamentals in a group setting at the Southwest Golf Ranch on Route 42 in Lebanon, OH. Runs Spring II through Fall I.
  • No Nonsense Self Defense.  For ages 9 -99 with an emphasis for Teens and Preteens but all ages welcome. No nonsense self-defense teaches how to react and evade dangerous situations without years of training by using simple effective techniques taken from Tai Chi, Aikido and street fighters. Instructor Dr. Larry C. Bobbert. No equipment or uniform required. 
  • Tae Kwon Do - Beginner and Advanced. Students aged 5 to adult learn a Korean-style martial art in a family-oriented program. Emphasis is placed on overall self improvement, self control and discipline as well as physical fitness, self defense, balance, flexibility and strength. Instructors from the I.K. Kim Tae Kwon Do Centers teach the class.
  • Tai Chi for Health. Tai Chi is the most popular exercise on earth because its health benefits and defense training make Tai Chi good for people of all ages. Mayo Clinic and Harvard Medical say it “can prevent and ease many ills of aging” and could be “the perfect activity for the rest of your life”.
  • Tennis. Players learn tennis fundamentals in a group setting. Runs Spring II through Summer II.
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