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Yoga Classes

Yoga combines fitness moves with yoga poses, linking them together in a flowing format. Using various muscle groups to work against gravity, participants hold or sustain poses for an extended time, improving strength and muscular endurance along with balance, posture, flexibility and range of motion.

Pay-per-class available at the front desk. Please pay at the front desk at least ten minutes prior to the start of class.

Choose from a variety of yoga programs:

  • Hot Yoga. Enjoy a warmer temperature of 90°-100°F.
  • Warm Yoga. Enjoy a warm temperature of 80°-85°F.
  • Yoga Mixed Levels. Moderately paced class combining the basics of yoga with Sun Salutation A and B in a flowing vinyasa style. Focus on core strength, flexibility and relaxation. This class is for beginners to intermediate. Set your own pace.


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