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The Y is a national leader in youth sports and out-of-school programming, with a proven track record of engaging, encouraging and empowering kids through sports. We want all kids to have the opportunity to try out different sports, like flag football,  and gain the self-confidence to reach their full potential. By focusing on learning the skills and teamwork needed to play flag football, we inspire kids to get active. Plus, friendships grow as kids play on our flag football leagues, encourage one another and have fun together! Register now and start your kids in youth flag football today! 

After registering, please download the flyer below, fill out and email to Zach McCollum.

Flag Football League Flyer

What to expect at flag football  

1. When a player is not on the field, they must sit with their parents and social distance from others.
2. Equipment will be spray sanitized after each game.
3. Spectators and players off the field are encouraged to wear masks. 
4. Parents and athletes should arrive no earlier than 15 minutes prior to their game time.
5. No handshakes before/after games. 

4 Reasons to Play Flag Football

Sports can be beneficial at any age. Youth and adult leagues offer similar benefits, including:

1. Football is a game that requires players to sprint, jump, run, and rapidly change directions. Cardiovascular health is improved during each game or practice along with coordination, agility, and speed. Hand and eye coordination are also improved.

2. Youths learn how to be accountable and how their participation can impact a game. Games can only be won with proper positioning, teaching responsibility, and the value of working together. Adults benefit from teamwork in the same way and can build leadership skills, too.

3. Discipline and executing proper techniques on the field are an important part of the learning process. This discipline and work ethic will be used throughout a person’s life and can help in traditional football, soccer, basketball, and even in a person’s career.

4. Mental toughness is another benefit. Win or lose, a person has to get out on the field and give every game their all. You’ll learn how to handle pressure, losses, and of course, the joy of victory.

Flag football is also a great opportunity to socialize. You or your child will learn how to communicate with others, work together to win games, and also build lasting friendships in the process.

Register now for  flag football leagues! 

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