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Basketball was invented at the YMCA, and we can’t say enough how much we love this sport! Our youth basketball leagues are designed to give players of all skill levels a place to participate. Whether they play on our coed basketball leagues or our boys’ basketball league, youth develop confidence, sportsmanship and teamwork. 

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5 Benefits of Joining an Adult or Youth Basketball League

Basketball is good for players of all ages. You'll forge long-lasting friendships, learn teamwork and be able to advance your skills at your local YMCA. In fact, you might not realize that basketball was actually invented by the YMCA. When you join our league, you’ll benefit from: 

  1. Exercise and Endurance. Exercise doesn’t have to be boring. Basketball is a great full-body workout that teaches adults and kids how to push their limits while building muscle and endurance.

  2. Coordination. Basketball requires you to develop hand-eye coordination that allows you to pass, shoot and dribble down the court. The younger the player, the more they’ll benefit from the added coordination.

  3. Socialization. Team members build long-lasting friendships and have a sense of being in the community. All players will develop social skills that are beneficial on and off the court.

  4. Agility. Speed and quick reaction times help you win games. Basketball helps players hone their skills and become more agile on the court.

  5. Adaption. Along with agility, players must learn how to adapt to situations quickly and strategize on the court.

Basketball is one of the sports that requires the least equipment and is easy to play all year long. Join us in an adult or youth basketball league today.

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