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Youth indoor soccer leagues at Countryside YMCA help children learn basic soccer skills, build endurace and fitness,  imrpove coordination and  speed, and practice teamwork. A lot of fun is happening on the turf, too! We have indoor soccer leagues for youth ages four to ten. Most of our soccer leagues are Saturday-only games, so these youth leagues are an easy way to add recreational soccer time into your family's schedule. 

5 Benefits of Joining Countryside YMCA’s Youth Soccer Leagues

At Countryside YMCA, we offer a variety of league options to meet the demands of everyone in Lebanon. A few of the many reasons why people choose to sign up for our soccer leagues are: 

1.  Candy leagues are a great way for kids between the ages of 4 and 6 to be introduced to soccer in an age-appropriate environment. Teams have a maximum of eight players, with just three on the field during play to allow coaches to help each player hone their skills and learn their position.

2.  Our recreational soccer leagues are coed and allow kids to play weekly without the added practices. If you only have time for a game on Saturday, these YMCA leagues are worth joining.

3.  Instead of sitting on the couch or playing on the phone, soccer will help kids stay active and engage with others in their communities.

4.  Physical fitness is important at every stage of life. Players have to remain active, burn more calories on the turf and build muscles.

5.  For kids, building confidence and self-esteem is paramount to their wellbeing. Soccer, or any team sport, can help install responsibility and teach confidence. 

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