Tae Kwon Do

Tae Kwon Do

Learn this Korean-style martial art and build strength, balance, flexibility, and self-discipline. In these non-contact classes, instructors from the I.K. Kim Tae Kwon Do Centers will focus on basic techniques, forms, kicking skills, board breaking skills, and self-defense in a socially distanced format. There will be no sparring at this time. Our program is very family oriented. It's not just for kids. We love having parents train with their kids. Together families can gain: Confidence, Leadership, Focus, Discipline, Respect, Humility, Physical Fitness and Fun!

Meet Master Sean Eveslage 

Master Sean Eveslage from IK Kim Tae Kwon Do Centers, Inc.Master Sean Eveslage is a 6th degree black belt who has been training and teaching the martial arts for nearly 35 years. His journey started in 1987 with IK Kim Tae Kwon Do Centers, Inc., but later diversified to include earning his black belt in Tracy Kenpo in 2000, training in Aikido and submission grappling, and competing in two amateur Mixed Martial Arts events in 2000 and 2001.

Master Eveslage is a familiar face at Countryside YMCA!  He has been the Tae Kwon Do  Instructor (with the IK Kim Tae Kwon Do Centers organization) at the Y for the past 21 years.  He firmly believes that in every nervous beginner student there is a polished martial artist waiting to emerge.









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