Benefits of Joining Sports at the Y

Playing a sport at any age is beneficial. If you’re trying to find a way to stay motivated and stay active, sports may be your best option. A few of the key benefits of joining sports at the Y – or anywhere – include:

  • Sports teach teamwork. Joining a sport helps teach teamwork, especially in kids. You need to work together to reach your goals and win a game.
  • Physical health. Sports are physically intense, and if you engage in sports, they offer immense physical benefits. You'll build muscle, burn more calories and even improve flexibility by joining a sport.
  • Self-esteem. Many people lack self-esteem and confidence. Kids and adults will build self-confidence and self-esteem by working hard in their respective sports.
  • Academics.  In adolescents, sports may even improve academic performance. Many athletes learn the importance of hard work and discipline, and they bring these skills to their schoolwork, too.

We even have private lessons for those that can’t commit to scheduled sports games.

Countryside YMCA offers a variety of recreational teams and leagues for youth and adults intended to promote activity which encourages fitness, fun and fellowship in the form of organized sports.

Sports leagues allow kids to try out numerous sports and have an opportunity to gain confidence. We'll help all players gain the skill and confidence they need to reach their full potential, whether they’re playing baseball, basketball, flag football or soccer.



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