Do you have fond memories of your days in a school band? Would you like your homeschooled child to have their own band experience? The Southwest Ohio Homeschool Music Academy is a true school music experience for homeschoolers.

SWOHMA is an open-enrollment music program that offers homeschooled students in all grades an opportunity to experience choral, orchestral and band instruction. Each semester-long class leads to a free concert (one for Winter and one for Spring) showcasing every music academy ensemble as well as the choir. 

Instrumental students are placed according to ability and experience into a leveled class (beginner, intermediate or advanced). Your student will not be required to audition in front of other students but will be asked to play a self-selected musical piece for the director to determine class placement.  

Band and Strings classes meet on Tuesday Mornings/Afternoons and Choir classes meet on Thursday afternoons. Pricing is for each semester, a more detailed calendar will be available each September. 

Contact Natasha Neal at for more information about the Southwest Ohio Homeschool Music Academy .