Taking on the responsibility to homeschool means you are choosing the curriculum and learning opportunities that best meet your child’s educational needs. But it doesn’t mean you must do all the teaching yourself. Signing up for classes taught by qualified instructors and offered by a credible organization like the Y may be one of the best ways to help families meet the Ohio homeschool requirements.

In Ohio, a homeschooling parent must provide a minimum of 900 hours of instruction per year covering the following subjects:

  • Language, reading, spelling and writing;

  • Geography; history of the United States and Ohio; and national, state and local government;

  • Mathematics;

  • Science;

  • Health;

  • Physical education;

  • Fine arts, including music; and

  • First aid, safety and fire prevention.

The Y offers many of these classes. We offer a variety of sports classes and leagues, swimming, gymnastics, and even climbing. The adventurous may even want to consider a Ninja Zone class!

Our Creative Arts Department offers crafts, cooking and pottery as creative classes to meet fine arts requirements. For those who prefer music, we also have guitar and piano lessons. The Southwest Ohio Homeschool Music Academy practices and performs at the Y and they offer band, strings and choir.

To help meet requirements for first aid and safety, the Y offers Safe Sitter® and Safe@Home Classes, as well as basic first aid and CPR classes. For preteens and teens, the Y offers YMCA Aquatic Safety Assistant and Lifeguarding certifications, both of which can lead into part-time jobs at the Y.  

And, depending on community interest, the Y may also offer math, STEM, foreign languages and more!

If you are planning to homeschool this year, sign up for classes at the Y.  Our large variety of learning opportunities and experiences will help you meet the Ohio homeschool education requirements for your children. Plus, kids will have fun, learn new skills, and make friends!

2024-2025 School Year program registration opens August 12th, 7:00am for members and August 14th, 8:30am for program members. 

After August 14 anyone can register at any time throughout the 2024-2025 School Year Session (September-May) & when there is an opening in the class, you will start right away. No more waiting for the next session to start. If the program/class is full, we suggest you join the waitlist. This will allow our program directors to add more of the high demand classes or put you in line for when a spot opens up for that program/class.

Monthly Recurring Classes

Register Online or stop by the front desk to register in person. Once registered, your automatic payment will occur on the 1st of every month. We will prorate & offer make up classes as needed but there will not be a way to sign up in advance for future months until after 25th of the current month. You can sign your child up for a class and they will stay in that class until the end of the 2024-2025 School Year session (May 25, 2025). If at any time you wish to cancel registration you will fill out a digital cancelation form by the 20th of the month. Your child’s enrollment will then expire at the end of that month.