Find Support and Learn How to Manage Your Diabetes

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For those with diabetes, managing the disease can be challenging. Healthy eating, physical activity, monitoring your condition, taking medication, and reducing your risk for complications are all daily aspects of diabetes management. 

Diabetics (both Type 1 and Type 2), pre-diabetics and their caregivers can find support during this free six-week virtual class offered by Countryside YMCA in partnership with the Council on Aging of Southwestern Ohio. Participants will learn ways to maintain their health and manage diabetes through problem solving and building self-confidence. As always, before starting any diet or exercise change, please consult with your doctor. This course is open to all and is free; you do not have to be a YMCA member to register. Download the flyer here

Experienced, certified instructors lead the class. Limited space is available. See below to request more information, or contact Cara Ebel at 513 932 1424 185 or

This virtual workshop uses MS Teams. Our in-person option is suspended for the time being due to COVID-19 concerns.

Meeting groups are kept small with mandatory minimum participation numbers, as well as mandatory maximum participation numbers. With the help of two experienced, certified instructors, an easy-to-read book, and the support of peers, participants learn ways to overcome barriers to healthy living, set goals, and report on their progress each week.

What Participants will Learn

Diabetes Workshop Participants will learn techniques and strategies on how to deal with the symptoms of diabetes, fatigue and pain. They will also learn how to deal and overcome hyper/hypoglycemia, and the stress of dealing with the diabetes diagnosis and the lifestyle changes that come with it. 

Participants will also learn appropriate exercise and how to eat to manage diabetes, as well as proper medication usage, and how to effectively work with your health care providers. 

Participants will make weekly action plans, reporting back each week to share experiences and help the other participants solve problems in their own action plans.

Tips to reduce your risk for type 2 diabetes

Countryside YMCA is a leading non-profit providing healthy living tips and classes throughout the year. Making some basic lifestyle changes that contribute to weight loss and healthy living can decrease the risk for type 2 diabetes or help manage it after a diagnosis. Among these are:

  • Reduce portion sizes of the foods you eat that may be high in fat or calories.

  • Keep a food diary to increase awareness of eating patterns and behaviors.

  • Be moderately active at least 30 minutes per day five days a week.

  • Choose water to drink instead of beverages with added sugar.

  • Incorporate more activity in your day, like taking the stairs or parking farther away from your destination.

  • Speak to your doctor about diabetes risk factors, especially if you have a family history of the disease or are overweight.

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