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Learn how to prevent falls and improve your balance 

Falls are a leading cause of injury for people aged 65 and older, but they are not an inevitable part of aging and there are proven ways to prevent them. To empower older adults to stay active, independent, and safe in their homes,  the Y is offering a free class in October called "A Matter of Balance."

During this 8-week class class, participants will learn to view falls as controllable, set realistic goals, change their environment to reduce risk factors, and exercise to increase strength and balance.

This free class is offered to the community through support from the Council on Aging of Southwestern Ohio. Limited space is available, and interested participants should call the Y and register early. To register, contact Cara at 513 932 1424 185 or

Do I need a class on fall prevention?

Countryside YMCA is a leading non-profit providing healthy living tips and classes throughout the year. A Matter of Balance can help if:

  • You are age 60 or older. 

  • You have fallen in the past. 

  • You don't do some things they enjoy because you fear falling. 

  • You would like to be more flexible, stronger, and have better balance.

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