Get the Most from Your Workout with a MyZone Wearable Device

You may workout every day, but how do you know if your workout effort is enough to make the difference you want to see?    

That's where Myzone comes in. When you wear this device during a workout, it provides instant feedback on your effort. MyZone monitors heart rate, calories and time exercising in real time and converts your workout into Myzone Effort Points (MEPs). Through a gamified platform you can compete against yourself or others.  Plus, by working at the correct effort levels for the right amounts of time, you'll reach your goals and achieve your personal best! 

Countryside YMCA is now offering the MZ3 wearable for anyone wanting to track their exercise accurately while motivating themselves through community engagement and gamification. Available only at our Lebanon location.

"It's the best piece of workout equipment in my fitness toolbox"

I've always loved fitness but have always struggled with challenging myself. After long days of chasing kids around and teaching my own fitness classes I would consider that enough exercise for the day. The MyZone Belt has given me the motivation I have been needing for years to push myself a little harder. I've been incorporating more cardio in my trainings and when I strength train I find myself doing more reps. Watching the amount of MEPs I'm accumulating gives me the  push I need to challenge myself a little harder than I normally would. I can already see an improvement in my stamina and cannot wait to see the physical changes that will follow. It's also very motivational to see your friends working hard using the MyZone belt and encouraging one another through the app. By far the best piece of workout equipment in my fitness toolbox.
-Christy A. Mom of 3, Group fitness instructor

How Myzone Works


Wearing your Myzone belt is easy and comfortable. Position the belt so that the center piece is directly below your chest, on top of your sternum.



Whether you’re in the gym watching your live feed, or out on the street viewing your tile through the Myzone App, you can rest assured you’re earning MEPs and tracking your effort anywhere you go.



By logging into your Myzone account on your computer or through the Myzone App, you’ll be able to see minute-by-minute breakdowns of your exercise effort. Track your progress over time to gain more understanding about your workout habits.



With built-in leaderboards, status rankings, and social integration, we’ve made it easier than ever to show off your progress. Meet World Health Organization standards every month to rank up and pass your friends.



By using the MZ-3, you’ll have access to relevant effort-based data to help you push your limits and reach new heights. Follow us on Facebook to see how other people just like you are achieving their goals with Myzone!


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Contact Jasmine Lee to learn more information about the Myzone program. or 513 932 1424 ext 140.