Small Group Training

The whole reason you started working out was to achieve goals: lose 10 pounds, run a 5K, recover from an injury, reduce your stress level. If you aren’t feeling successful in reaching your goal, you are likely to feel discouraged and possibly stop trying.

Don’t wait for that to happen! Instead, enroll in our new small group training class and get the benefit of a personalized workout with built-in support from a certified personal trainer, plus the energy and accountability of a group workout setting to make fitness fun! Workouts target your unique goals and are result driven to show the progress being made from your hard work and effort.

Personal trainer at the YMCA. Personal Trainer Ty Singleton will lead Small Group Training. Ty has always had a passion for health and fitness and at 18 he earned his first Personal Training Certification. During his time in school at Louisiana State, he was able to work with several athletes in various sports as well as earn his Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science. Ty has now been in the industry for over 20 years assisting clients of all fitness levels. Ty believes each and every client has a unique body type, fitness level and goals and he is excited to work with everyone in the class to help them see results!