U-Pick Fitness Classes are Here! 

Group fitness classes are a great way to combine friendship, fitness and fun! But comfort levels with attending indoor group fitness classes have changed during the pandemic. Many of us have reduced the number of people we socialize with outside our homes, making regular group fitness classes less appealing unless they are virtual. Since reopening, we've been working hard to help members feel safe coming into the Y for exercise. We've modified all our fitness classes to meet physical distancing requirements, but we know that some members will feel safer in a very small group of just two to six people. That's why we are now offering private small group fitness classes. Gather your friends or family members and workout together in a smaller class setting. U-Pick your fitness classmates, we'll bring the instructor and the workout! 

Here's What You Need to Know about Private Small Group Fitness

A private small group fitness class is a fitness class limited to two to six participants who choose to workout togther. Unlike other fitness classes with larger classes sizes and people you may not know, the private small group fitness class allows you to pick the people who will do the class with you. There is still a YMCA certified fitness instructor leading the class live in a fitness studio at the Y. This is not a virtual class. 
No. All participants in these small group fitness classes must be Countryside YMCA members. At this time, only members are allowed to access the Y and YMCA programs. 
The cost for these private small group fitness classes is two punches on a land fitness flex card per participant. Each participant will need to have a land fitness flex card. These can be purchased at the front desk in the Y. 

To register for a private small group fitness class, sign up via the Myzone app. Only one person in the group needs to complete the registration in Myzone for the whole group. Learn more about MyZone registration here


No. At this time we are offering a limited number of our fitness classes as private small group fitness classes. Specific classes, dates, and times can be found on the MyZone app.  

Private small group fitness classes are available at Countryside YMCA | Lebanon and Countryside YMCA | Landen. 

Private Small Group Fitness Currently Available