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 Circle with shoe prints in the middle and Please Wait textReserve your spot in fitness classes! 

Download MyZone 

Make fitness class reservations quickly and easily with MyZone on your smartphone. Just download the app for MyZone, and enter the facility Code YMCAUS151, and the Myzone belt ID as 0 (the number zero. If you already have a Myzone belt use that Belt ID.) From the home screen, you can select Book a Class and scroll through to find the class you want to reserve a spot in. You can book a spot in each class you want to take from up to seven days prior to the class to 1 hour before the start of class.  If you need to cancel your reservation, you can also do that from your smartphone. Helpful directions are here.

When do I need to reserve a spot?

  • If you purchase a specialty class for a session, you will not need to make a reservation. The advance payment for a session guarantees your spot in the class.  

  • To guarantee a spot in a free fitness class, we recommend making a reservation.  Walk-ins will be welcomed if there are open spaces available.

  • To guarantee a spot in a specialty class that you are using a  Flex Card to pay for, we recommend making a reservation. Flex cards give you the option to take a variety of paid specialty classes throughout a session. Instead of paying for a session of one class, you purchase a Flex Card and use it like a ticket to attend a variety of different specialty classes. To guarantee your spot for a class, you will need to register for the class through MyZone. Flex cards can be used for land fitness and/or water fitness. Our Landen facility doesn't have water fit classes. 

10-punch Flex Cards $44

20-punch Fitness Flex Card $80

20-punch Active Older Adults Flex Card $72

What if I have to cancel my reservation?

You can cancel your reservation on MyZone, and we ask that you do so as a courtesy to others. If you do not arrive for your reserved spot within five minutes of class starting, the instructor will assume you are not coming to class and your spot will be offered to the next person on the class wait list. We have restricted the number of class participants in order to follow the state guidelines for social distancing, and we want to have as many people in classes as possible. If there is no wait list, you will be allowed to participate even if you arrive late.  

Are the app for MyZone and the MyZone heart rate tracker wearable device the same thing? 

Both are products from the MyZone brand, and both the class reservations and the heart rate tracker are managed from the app. But you do not need the heart rate tracker in order to use the app to reserve a spot in class. The MyZone belt is a wearable device that tracks your heart rate. The Y is selling these, and you can contact Jasmine Lee at 513 932 1424 140 for more information. 

Don't worry if you have to miss a class. YMCA 360 on-demand classes are always available! 

Regular exercise is one component of a healthy lifestyle that can help reduce stress and prevent illness.  Take group exercise classes for all ages right in your own home at no charge through YMCA 360! There are also sports classes and more! IF you can't make it into the Y, you can find some of your favorite classes by browsing the YMCA 360 videos

Browse the classes we usually offer, and check back often for updated schedules!