Gain Insights and Reach Your Goals 

Most people join the Y because they want to improve their fitness. Nothing is more frustrating than wanting to lose weight, gain strength, or train for an event but not knowing how. Unless of course you have been trying to lose weight, gain strength, or train for an event and you are not seeing any results.

What is a fitness orientation 

YMCA personal trainer doing body composition testingWe are now providing all our members with a FREE 1-hour Fitness Orientation that will provide relevant and insightfu information to help you focus your workouts and reach your goals. The one-hour fitness orientation begins with a body composition analysis. These numbers become a starting point for setting goals to improve your personal health and wellness levels.



What tools will I get to help me reach my goals? 

After the body composition analysis is complete, the personal trainer will then provide a tour of the Cardio Strength Center and introduce you to our available equipment and our MobileFit app. During this time, you can talk with the trainer about what activities you want to do and what goals you want to set. The trainer may also suggest a MyZone wearable heart rate belt. At the end of your hour the personal trainer will provide you with a custom workout designed specifically for you to reach your goals.

In just 1 hour you’ll get:

1. Information about your current body composition which is your starting point.
2. Goals for improvement.
3. A custom workout to help you achieve those goals.

Don’t let the frustration of not seeing results set you back. Take one hour of time to complete a Fitness Orientation and get what you need to reach your goals.