More Fitness for You - when ever and where ever you are! 

Fitness on Demand, the virtual workout platform that we use inside the Y, is now providing on-the-go virtual workouts through a new program they call FLEX. With FLEX, you’ll be able to access all kinds of workouts including strength, cardio, yoga, HIIT + more when ever and where ever you are! FLEX is able to be used with some smart devices to play videos on your TV in addition to your mobile device and web browser. Learn how HERE

Even better news is that from now until June 1, FLEX is available for FREE to members and non-members!

If you want 24/7 access to hundreds of classes from the world’s top instructors simply fill out this form and we will email you an invitation to signup and you’ll be on your way to staying active and healthy this spring.

21-Day Fitness Challenge

Join us for the FREE #FLEXtogether 21-day Challenge from Fitness On Demand! It's a great way to support each other's fitness goals while we work out at home.  Instantly stream the 21 workouts with FLEX by FitnessOnDemand anytime, anywhere. 

Weekly Printable Workout Sheets:

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3



Fitness on Demand classes in the Y 

You can access Fitness on Demand classes while you are at the Y at no additional cost. You have more class options and more times to take classes, which all adds up to more fitness for you. When Studio 2 and Studio 3 are not in use, you will be able to enter and participate in a virtual class. These video classes will start at a scheduled time, just as a real live fitness class would, but without a live instructor.

Don’t worry – we aren’t getting rid of any of our instructors! We highly value them, their expertise and the personal touches they bring to every class. Fitness on Demand is simply a way to give you more choices by offering classes during times we don’t currently have classes scheduled. We will continue to offer our specialty classes with instructors, and you’ll register for these as you always have, but you can also take a virtual class for no additional cost through Fitness on Demand.

Studio 2 On Demand Fitness: Classes like boot camp, core, Pilates, yoga and more will be available in Studio 2.

Studio 3 On Demand Fitness: Spin classes like Climbing in France or Top of the Rockies can be found in Studio 3.   

The App Workouts in the Y 

If you prefer to exercise on your own but would like motivation or instruction, the Fitness on Demand app may be exactly what you want. You can use the free version of the app to access fitness options within the Cardio Strength Center at the Y. If you want to purchase additional content you can, but it is not necessary to purchase anything in order to be able to access On Demand workouts while you are in our Lebanon facility.

Download from the app store
Download from Google Play

Directions to Download the App

Go to your app store. (Apple users go to the App Store. Or go to Google Play.)
Search ‘Fitness on Demand.’
Download the Fitness on Demand App (which is free).

Click on ‘Get Started.’
Create your login by entering your email creating a password.

Allow access to find your location. Make sure your Bluetooth is enabled and remember, you have to be in the YMCA building to access class schedules and virtual workouts.

Click on ‘Schedule.’
In the search bar Enter Ralph J. Stolle Countryside YMCA or our zip code 45036 (If it doesn’t already show as a location option.)
Click on ‘Set Location’ for either Studio 2 or the Cycle Spin Studio. Please note: You cannot view both schedules at the same time. You will have to go back and ‘Set Location’ for both in order to view the individual studio schedules.


Talk with any fitness instructor or Cardio Strength Center staff for help.

We hope you will take advantage of these virtual classes and workouts. More fitness classes and different workouts will be added in the future, so keep checking back for new things to try. Let us know what classes you enjoy. With the additional class times and variety these workouts provide, we’re taking your membership to a whole new level!