Who    Any Landen or Lebanon member 13+ interested in accountability to make healthy, active lifestyle choices. 
What    An 8- week activity points-based program that promotes exercise and healthy living

  January 2-February 27 

Cost    $35 per participant, register here


Need motivation? Want Results?

Join us for an 8 week points based accountability program designed to promote healthy habits. Focus is on cardio and strength workouts, healthy eating, and proper hydration. We will use the HabitShare app to "check in" daily and track progress and the GroupMe app to share ideas and lend support. Multiple prizes in the form of gift certificates will be awarded. Optional before and after body comp ($40 value). Create the plan that will work best for your life with support, and start 2023 off on the right foot!

Begin by taking a body composition analysis on our State-Of-The-Art InBody, connecting with our other participants, and speaking with our Member Coaches who can help you decide which classes or programs might work best for you. End with an InBody analysis and compare your results. What happens in the middle is up to you! 

*The results of the InBody will give you a baseline so you can see your progress. These results are for your information only and taking the test is optional. 


Points can be earned by: 

·Participating in a YMCA group exercise class at Lebanon or Landen (Cardio workout of your choice (1 point a day for 20+ minutes, up to 7 points a week) 

·Strength workout of your choice (up to 4 points a week) 

·Healthy eating of 5 or more servings of veggies/fruit per day (up to 7 points a week)

·Hydration drinking 8 or more cups of water or sugar-free drink of choice (up to 7 points a week)

·Checking in on the Habit Share app (up to 7 points a week) 


A weekly Gift Card will be awarded to the participant that accumulates the most points. Participants may win this weekly prize up to two times.

A $50 Amazon Gift Card will be awarded at the end of the 8 weeks to the participant with the most overall points for the program.


Contact Elizabeth Doubet

elizabeth.doubet@ymcastaff.org |  513-932-1424 x185