The Benefits of Voyager Camp

Our Voyager Camp is a great opportunity for kids to learn valuable skills while having fun with friends. There are many benefits to enrolling your children in a traditional summer camp.


Encourages Teamwork

Camp encourages kids to work together, helping them learn the value of teamwork and how to work together.

By working together, children learn:

  • Communication skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Emotional intelligence
  • How to compromise

Knowing how to work as a team will help children later in life both in work and in their personal lives.


Develop Valuable Life Skills

In addition to teamwork, children learn other valuable life skills, such as:

  • Problem-solving
  • Decision-making
  • How to overcome challenges
  • Social skills

These are skills that will follow and benefit children as they grow into adulthood.


Allows Kids to be Kids

Camp is more than just teaching kids life skills – it's about having fun. At camp, kids have a chance to play and just be a kid.

Free play allows children to develop creativity skills, use their imaginations and build meaningful friendships with other children.


Teaches Independence

At camp, children spend time away from their parents and must learn how to do things on their own. Over time, they learn how to become self-reliant, develop their own identity and explore their interests.

Learning how to be self-sufficient and independent is an important skill for adulthood.


Build Confidence

Independence also helps children gain confidence in their own abilities, judgments, and decisions. Camp activities also help build self-esteem because kids learn new skills and succeed at them, whether it’s painting a picture, learning how to fish or swimming for the first time.

Voyager Camp provides children with the traditional camp experience, providing them with all of these benefits and more.

Campers Ages: 11-15

Full Day | Member: $145 / Non-Member: $170
Please be aware that the Member rate applies to those who are full members of the Countryside YMCA. 
The Non-Member rate applies to anyone who is not a full member of Countryside YMCA (Including Program Members).

For more questions regarding Voyager Camp, please contact the Camp Office at 513-932-1424 ext. 149