Art and education programs enrich children in many ways. With a variety of art activities to choose from, children are free to explore their interests and hone their creative talents.


Why Enroll Your Children in Arts and Education Camps?

There are so many great reasons to enroll your children in arts and education camps:


Develop and Hone Creative Talents

Does your child show interest in the arts? Maybe your child loves to draw or has an interest in photography. Art and education camps are a great opportunity for your child to further develop and improve their skills in whatever form of art they are interested in.

Art programs also help students develop a growth mindset, which is a vital component of success.


Build Confidence

Art and education programs help children build confidence in their skills and creativity. As children set and achieve goals and watch their skills grow, their self-esteem grows.

Encouragement from peers and educators further helps build confidence.


Academic Improvements

Research shows that arts education can help children perform better in reading, writing, and math classes.

Visual arts help children better organize their writing and also improves their reading skills. Children also hone their abilities to hypothesize, reason, and describe texts.

The arts provide children with a well-rounded education and helps them succeed in other areas of learning.


Collaboration and Accountability

Arts education provides an opportunity for children to collaborate together by working on projects as a team or providing feedback to each other.

Children also learn accountability when they are required to contribute to the group.


It’s FUN!

One of the most important reasons to enroll your child in arts and education programs is because it’s fun. Children have a chance to explore new interests and have fun while doing it.


Please note: All Arts & Ed camps are Half Day Camps.  Morning Camps are from 9am – 12pm and Afternoon Camps are from 1pm – 4pm.

Campers Ages: 

Half Day | Member: $ / Non-Member: $
Please be aware that the Member rate applies to those who are full members of the Countryside YMCA. 
The Non-Member rate applies to anyone who is not a full member of Countryside YMCA (Including Program Members).

For more questions regarding any of our Arts & Ed camps, please contact the Camp Office at 513-932-1424 ext. 149