Develop their imagination and more in a LEGO® Club

For nearly a decade, Countryside YMCA has offered a LEGO® Club, for various ages and ability levels. Working with our enthusiastic, skilled instructor, students learn how to work without instruction books and written directions. Our class aims to help students think outside the box (literally!) with learning how to put their own ideas into brick form. With access to over 400 pound of LEGO® bricks, students are sure to find the exact pieces they need to build to their heart’s content. 

The benefits of working with LEGO® bricks are life long and can be had at any age. Working in a medium that allows creative thought and imagination play can help develop a foundation of language understanding and story building processes. With following LEGO® instructions and free building, participants can develop skills in following written instructions, deciphering order, understanding quantity, symmetry, location of bricks and start to see patterns within their work. Working without instructions can help with building problem solving skills and spatial awareness. Even just physically manipulating the bricks can be of benefit to fine motor skills in all ages, developing dexterity and strength in the fingers and hands. Building with LEGO® bricks also teaches patience and helps with focus and concentration. Learning how different bricks fit together to make a masterpiece can be a trying point for new builders, but taking the time to figure out how to make the pieces fit can be immensely rewarding. 

LEGO® bricks stand the test of time, imagination, and ages 

LEGO® bricks have been part of our culture for over 85 years, being named “Toy of the Century” twice! With ever evolving ideas and the ability to make fun sets that keep with pop culture, architecture and skill levels, it all goes back to the simple brick. The technology of the interlocking bricks dates back to 1958, and the rest is history.

While instruction books were not even available until the 1960’s, LEGO® bricks were the base for the brand moving forward. In 1963, the LEGO brand was under the helm of Godtfred Kirk Christiansen, the son of the original founder Ole Kirk Kristiansen. Christianson made a formal announcement detailing the 10 LEGO® characteristics for the brand:

  • Unlimited Play Possibilities

  • For girls, for boys

  • Enthusiasm at all ages

  • Play all year round

  • Stimulating and harmonious play

  • Endless hours of play

  • Imagination, creativity, development

  • More LEGO®, greater play value

  • Always topical

  • Safety and quality

Countryside YMCA LEGO® Club Descriptions

LEGO® Club: the first club ever offered here at the Countryside YMCA. We focus on teaching kids to build without the instruction books! Weekly themes help guide activities while still leaving time for free building and creative ideas. Participants will also start learning about pixel art and how to make cool pictures with LEGO bricks.

LEGO® Club: Advanced: For our older, more experienced students. Class themes will mirror those taught in our LEGO® Club, but with more attention to detail with more advanced projects and support.  

Register now for a LEGO® Club and start a lifelong hobby 

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