Not many of our members realize our Arts and Education space hidden downstairs here at Countryside YMCA holds a full working pottery studio. With two kilns, four throwing wheels, tools, glazes and experienced informative instructors, we hold classes throughout the year for both children and adults.

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Young boy painting a piece of pottery artThe Benefits of Pottery Classes for Youth

Our children's pottery classes are more than just giving kids something different to do. Learning the art of making pottery can enrich their lives from boosting their self confidence to improving their motor skills.

  • Children in pottery classes tend to be more focused and quiet while they are creating, or glazing. Whether they are happy to have their hands busy or they are enjoying the tactile feel of the clay, they are engaged and encouraged to build whatever they can think of.

  • Pottery for children can inspire and tap into a creative train of thought they can't get elsewhere. From deciding what to make (a bowl, vase, bird, turtle or fairy house), to deciding how it will look from the glazing, they have control from start to finish.

  • Working through mistakes is one of the first lessons children learn in pottery classes. They will learn some mistakes can easily be fixed by rolling the clay into a ball and starting over. They may learn the hard way that some mistakes, like air left in the clay, can ruin a project. Working through frustration and disappointment helps them to mature and deal with issues outside of class.

  • Pottery helps develop motor skills in their arms, hands and fingers. From working with small pieces of clay to learning to throw a bowl on the wheel, they will use muscles and skills they may not use otherwise. After firing, they also learn to use small tools and brushes requiring fine motor skills to paint their pieces. All pottery work requires hand-eye coordination.

  • Pottery classes, like all art classes, helps improve self-esteem. When children persevere through learning a new skill, dealing with mistakes and working through them, they end up proud of themselves. You'll likely have a happy child who is ecstatic that their creation came to fruition and that they did it all on their own.

two hands molding clay on a pottery wheel Benefits of Pottery Class for Adults

Our long-standing adult pottery classes are some of our most popular classes. Students learn - or rediscover - how to build with clay, while cultivating lifelong friendships.

  • Adult classes give a safe space for learning a new skill. Free from judgement and criticism, our instructors help students learn and build their skills.

  • Pottery classes are a creative outlet in this fast-paced world, allowing students to express themselves by creating something.

  • Our students find that their focus and attention span is better after giving themselves time in class. Allowing the creative process to take hold and build to their heart's content, our students leave class at peace with a better outlook for the rest of the week.

  • Pottery helps exercise the hands, fingers and arms. Working the wheel is great for muscle strength and working on smaller pieces and glazing is wonderful for small muscles and hand-eye coordination.

  • Working with adults in a common space is excellent for making new friends and to give students time to be social. Many students enjoy the time they take for themselves with people who share a common interest.

  • Working on a creative hobby helps many adults improve their outlook on their life. Being able to express themselves through their art gives many a purpose and improves their self-esteem and confidence.

    Enjoy all the benefits of being a part of this creative community and register yourself and your kids for potter classes today!