Good Thymes in the Garden

The Pizza Garden
Countryside YMCA | Lebanon

Saturdays, May 15 - August 14
Ages 6+
Arts & Education Garden, located across from the Outdoor Pool

Come join us for our second year of our Seed To Table gardening program for kids and families with The Pizza Garden! The course is 13 weeks long with weekly meetings to learn about and to do gardening. The course will teach children how to grow some ingredients to make pizza and how to prepare a pizza from scratch. This class will take place outdoors from May until August in our newly operated Victory Garden now located next to our Outdoor Aquatics Center.

Cost: Members: $150 / Program Members: $195

Contact: Jaime Spurlock
513 932 1424 ext 226


4 Reasons to Join Our Kids Gardening Class


Gardening offers a wealth of benefits for kids and adults of all ages, including:

1. A New Appreciation for Food

Gardening activities give children – and adults – a new appreciation for food. Kids learn where their food comes from and how it grows. Many kids develop an interest in cooking and eating healthier simply by spending more time gardening.

2. Spending Time in Nature

Spending time outdoors and in the garden can be therapeutic and calming for children. It keeps kids moving and gives them a chance to explore.

3. Learning to Care and Nurture

For plants to grow and thrive, they need care. Watching a plant go from seed to harvest can give children a sense of accomplishment and can be a rewarding experience. Throughout the journey, kids learn to care for and nurture plants. These are skills they will bring to their adult lives and relationships.

4. A Chance to Learn and Grow

Gardening is an excellent opportunity for kids to learn about the science of plant growth. Why do plants need the sun? Why are their leaves green? It’s a hands-on science lesson that kids will enjoy.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of joining our kids gardening class is that it’s fun

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