For the first three weeks in June on Saturdays, we are offering FREE beginner, intermediate, and advanced clogging classes. Whether you are a beginner or have been clogging for a while, now is your chance to get moving and have fun clogging with Nationally-Certified Clogging Instructor Nancy Kenny.  

Not sure what clogging is? Check out these instructional videos. If you have questions about our clogging classes, please email the instructor. 


You may have heard of clogging, but have you ever tried it? Clogging is an American Dance form that began in the Appalachian Mountains. Dancers use their heels and toes to tap out rhythms. You don't memorize a dance routine, you learn lots of individual steps and then when the music starts the leader calls out the steps to create the dance routine. For the best results, wear tap shoes, jingle-tap clogging shoes, or smooth-soled shoes that don't grip the floor.  In this 30 minute Beginner Clogging video you'll learn 28 clogging steps and you can practice putting them together to create your own dances.  We'd love to see you showing off your clogging skills, so be sure to post yourself and tag @countrysideymca! 



Legs of a clogging dancer


Click HERE to take a 30  beginner clogging class with Nancy Kenny!

legs of a clogging dancer

Click HERE to take this 12 minute intermediate clogging class with Nancy Kenny!



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Click HERE to take this 8 minute intermediate clogging class with Nancy Kenny!